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Posted: Mar 22, 2017 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Mare Keane

The new "Beauty & the Beast" honors the original Disney classic while deepening its story.


If you're going to remake a beloved classic, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better adaptation than director Bill Condon's superb live action update of the 1991 animated "Beauty & the Beast." He and his screenwriters clearly adore the original and vividly recreate the spirit of its story and render songs like "Be Our Guest" and "Gaston" with eye-popping 2017 detail. They also deepen the tale as old as time along with wonderful touches of modernity. Belle (Emma Watson) is now feistier, the casting is diverse, and even the villains are given more complexity. Who says you can't teach an old beast new tricks?

Posted: Mar 27, 2017 Hosted By: Ashley Scott Meyers

SYS Episode #165 


Writer/Director Chris von Hoffman. Chris talks about his new post-apocalyptic thriller, Drifter.

Posted: Mar 27, 2017 Hosted By: Ashley Scott Meyers

SYS Episode # 164 


Writer/Director/Producer/Comedian/Actor Joey Medina Joey talks about his first feature film and his new TV pilot.



Edmonton International Film Festival Featuring cinematic gems (shorts, features, and documentaries). Contest Winner: Table Read My Screenplay London, Derek Asaff

A Harvard grad, Derek Asaff pursued a general business degree in college but quickly realized that writing and literature was his real passion. Eventually gravitating toward the screenwriting realm, Derek focused nearly all of his time on educating himself on the craft and improving his own writing ability through mentorships and continual classes. His focus on education and practice lead him to win the Table Read My Screenplay - Screenplay Contest, London. Winning Table Read opened up numerous doors for Derek, eventually getting him signed to the Gotham Group for management, and recently signing a development deal with Original Film (Furious 7) for his Table Read winning comedy script, The Wheelman. His comedy feature is now considered as a possible vehicle for Melissa McCarthy. It’s onward and upward for Derek, and the ISA is proud of his recent success.

The Anatomy of Great Characters with Tawnya Bhattacharya

Make your script stand out with dynamic, compelling, three-dimensional characters that will move, haunt, inspire, and crack up the reader.


Character is King.  Executives, agents, managers, and showrunners insist on compelling, complex and dynamic characters that leap off the page.  Yet writers often get bogged down with story and plot, losing sight of the fact that it's characters we care deeply about that cause us to tune in to our favorite TV shows week after week.  But how do you create a three-dimensional character that audiences will fall in love with, invest in and root for?


How do you create a three-dimensional character that audiences will fall in love with, invest in and root for? During this teleconference with Script Anatomy Founder and working TV writer Tawnya Bhattacharya, we’ll answer this question and discuss some of TV’s most unforgettable series leads.  You'll walk away with a game plan and clear tools to use while building what just might be TV's next iconic hero or anti-hero.


The Anatomy of Great Characters

with Script Anatomy Founder and working TV writer Tawnya Bhattacharya

What do Tony Soprano, Selina Meyer, Walter White, Sterling Archer, Carrie Mathison, Omar Little and Kimmy Schmidt have in common? Great characters are unforgettable. We may love them or hate them. But they worm their way into our brains and stay with us — haunting us, inspiring us, cracking us up — long after they’ve disappeared from our screens. 


Learn to create memorable characters with drive, characters that provoke emotion, characters that stay with us in this teleconference. Tawnya will show you how to craft compelling and multi-dimensional characters by crafting their backstorystage of lifeflawcore wounddilemma andgoal as well as how to design dynamic catalyst relationships and polarities, how to a unique world helps you create an interesting character, and how to design meaningful and emotional journeys and character arcs.


As points of reference, writers should familiarize themselves with the pilot episodes of Bloodline, Jane The Virgin, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Breaking Bad which, despite the fact it’s now off air, is an excellent example of what the bar is set.


About Script Anatomy:

Founded by TV writer Tawnya Bhattacharya, Script Anatomy is LA's most industry-focused TV writing school whose classes are taught entirely by working writers.  The company helps television writers reach their writing goals and elevate their craft through classes, workshops and private consultations.  Script Anatomy has helped hundreds of writers succeed.  Alumni have been staffed, sold pilots, secured coveted spots in every network and studio writing program, signed with representation at major agencies and management companies, have sold pilots, landed writing assignments, and won prestigious contests as a result.  Join them at ScriptAnatomy.com. 

Tawnya Bhattacharya is a writer, writing instructor, and founder of Script Anatomy.  Her teaching career began at Writers Boot Camp from 2005 – 2008. Having seen writers struggle through the process there, it became apparent what was missing, so she created Script Anatomy — a unique curriculum to give writers practical development, writing and rewriting tools based on her own process. She launched Script Anatomy in 2011, just as she was embarking on her own writing career. Bhattacharya brings both a ten-year teaching background and professional writing experience to Script Anatomys curriculum. She is currently a Writer/Co-Producer on NBCs “The Night Shift”and formerly wrote on TNTsPerception,” Lifetime’s “The Client List,” and USA“Fairly Legal,” with her writing partner, Ali Laventhol.  Repped by ICM Partners, they are former NBC Writers on the Verge fellows, winning one of 8 spots out of 1200 applicants and also made semi-finalists for the Disney | ABC Writing Program before getting a job that took them out of the running. Tawnya was also a FOX Writers Intensive fellow (FOX optioned her semi-autobiographical pilot). 

American Sniper: Is Your Adaptation Running Toward The Truth?

On this podcast, instead of thinking about movies in terms of two thumbs up or two thumbs down we like to think about movies in terms of what we can learn about them as screenwriters.


So we’re going to look at all kinds of movies. We’re going to look at good movies, we’re going to look at bad movies. We’re going to look at movies that we love and movies that we hate. But we’re going to look at them in a way that helps us to better our own writing.


Today’s movie is certainly one of the more controversial movies that are out right now: American Sniper by Jason Dean Hall. Let me just start off by saying that my politics are certainly not Clint Eastwood’s politics and that made American Sniper a hard movie for me. I think it made American Sniper a hard movie for a lot of people.


I’m not the kind of person who believes, as Chris Kyle says at the beginning of the movie, that there are three types of people in the world: sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. I’m not a person like Chris Kyle who believes that things are purely black and white, and that there’s very little grey. Watching a movie that cuts directly from planes crashing into the World Trade Center to the war of Iraq and makes that argument all over again, linking Iraq to the September 11th attacks, politically – that’s hard for me to watch.


That said, those are the politics of the main character, Chris Kyle. Those are the politics of a lot of people like him who went into this war, believing they are the heroes. Believing that the people they are fighting are savages, and as Americans, they are purely a force of good in the world.


There is something to be said about directing and writing a movie that looks at the world through the eyes of your protagonist. The hope of course, as you work on such an adaptation, is that even as you’re looking at the world through their eyes, you’re also maybe revealing something to the audience, and to yourself, that is even more complicated than the main character can see.

Turku Region Development Center Offering production companies a uniquely beautiful production environment close to the densest archipelago in the world, in a medieval city. Filmmakers World Festival Filmmakers World Festival is the sister festival of World Film Awards, an established festival which has successfully held several international festivals. Global Peace Film Festival Global Peace Film Festival draws together people from all walks of life to be inspired by compelling storytelling and for them then to engage actively within their own lives & community Shooting Star Productions We have been in business since 1985 and we pride ourselves in creating unique and fabulous videos and films for documentaries, web series', web sites, and special events. Chicago Comedy Film Festival Screenwright(R) Script Formatters These free LibO+OOo Writer 4.x+3.x+2.x templates will format your scripts to industry standards. Screenwright(R) screenplay formatter won a $3,333 cash award from Sun Microsystems. Mod 3 Productions Mod 3 Productions is a full service innovative film/television/Digital production company. Mod 3 has produced for many of the major studios and networks. Best Shorts Competition An avant-garde worldwide short film competition that strives to give talented people the positive exposure they deserve. The Film Collaborative THE FILM COLLABORATIVE is the first non-profit committed to distribution education and facilitation of independent film, offering independent filmmakers full services. Black Deer Pictures, Inc. Thomas Zoeschg is a motion picture director residing in Los Angeles, CA. He's a proud member of The Actors Studio - Director's Unit, and Film Independent. Think Tank Ink for Scriptwriters I'm a scriptwriting advisor, consultant, teacher, mentor, muse and manager with over 18 years as Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret. I work with all levels. Blinded By Ambition Entertainment Mumbai Mantra Mumbai Mantra Media Ltd, the Media & Entertainment vertical of the Mahindra Group, is actively evaluating opportunities in content and infrastructure in the domestic as well as Screenwriter's Utopia Welcome to Screenwriting and Screenwriter’s Utopia! The original (since 1995) screenwriting destination for screenwriters. The Screenplay Factory YOUR book to screen or your idea to screen. Award winning screenwriters/producers/distributors/. On LINKEDin, IMDB, etc. FREE QUOTE: kathysuekrantz@hotmail.com\r\nFREE promotion! Steve Kaplan Solves the Comic Equation If an interplanetary traveler would have aimed about 12oo miles due east and a couple of decades earlier, he might have found himself at Steve Kaplan’s Manhattan Punchline Theater laughing his second tukhus off (albeit without “the peanut butter of the gods”). This is the very same theater where Steve honed his comedic tools while developing writers like Peter Tolan (Analyze This), Tracy Proust (Ugly Betty, Will & Grace), and Michael Patrick King (Sex and The City). Lighthouse Productions A new movie production company that was created with careful thought after many times of talking about how amazing it would be to make a film. Since we are both lovers of nature and MGM An American media company, involved primarily in the production and distribution of films and television programs. Once the largest and most glamorous of film studios, founded in 1924. Interview w/ Nikki Toscano, Producer on Revenge

Honored by Entertainment Weekly in 2011 as one of the Top 20 People Behind the Scenes, Nikki Toscano is currently a Consulting Producer on NBC’s SHADE OF BLUE. Her first break came when she won a number of contests, Slamdance and Scriptapalooza among them. Using the heat off the contests, she managed to sell an pilot idea to CBS/Paramount based on her life (she adopted a twelve-year-old boy from a children’s home when she was 26), which segued into a staff writer gig on CLOSE TO HOME. From there, she staffed on LAS VEGAS until the Writer’s Strike cut that gig short. Coming off the strike and a maternity leave, she couldn’t get staffed to save her life. But it was a blessing in disguise as she was able to cultivate her real love: development. Nikki sold a pilot to FOX 21 that Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) attached to and then sold two other pilots that same year to CBS and ABC. On the heels of that development cycle, she was offered another blind script at ABC, but rolled it to staff on the critically acclaimed DETROIT 187. Unfortunately, Detroit never found its audience and got cancelled. She then staffed on REVENGE. Nikki is also developing a pilot for ABC this year. After REVENGE, she staffed on STATE OF AFFAIRS.


Nikki’s foray into the creative process began when she would write poems to her parents in order to get out of being grounded. This catapulted her desire to explore writing in other mediums. Before she was a screenwriter, she was a journalist writing for magazines like Nylon and Black Book. Realizing that her heart wasn’t in it, she went back to school and attended USC, getting her Masters in screenwriting and fiction.



·      Inspiration for story ideas

·      How to have a successful pitch

·      Creating longevity as a writer

New Renaissance Film Festival WELCOME to the New Renaissance Film Festival. NRFF provides a showcase stage in LONDON & AMSTERDAM for talented filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world. Int'l Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and entertainment. Film Commission Chile Home to almost all the existing climates on the planet, Chile offers location services and economic incentives for those interested in shooting there.
Late: 03/28/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Play Our mission is to forge a film festival that will launch the careers of faith based writers and filmmakers and facilitate established ... Final Deadline: 05/16/17 Extended: 03/30/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The Madrid International Film festival has as its objective in the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and ... Final Deadline: 03/30/17 Final: 03/30/17 Feature We’re thrilled to announce our 2017 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Screenplay Contest! Whether you’re writing a contained science fiction drama or ... Final Deadline: 03/30/17 Final: 03/30/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short A Table Read can help change your script, one of ours can jump-start your career! The Grand Prize Feature/Pilot Winner will be flown to New ... Final Deadline: 03/30/17 Final: 03/31/17 TV Pilot , Short , Web Series A short film and script contest giving filmmakers increased industry exposure. Winning shorts will also be considered by Hollywood insiders ... Final Deadline: 03/31/17 Regular: 03/31/17 Feature Most contests favor dramatic, serious, or off-the-wall scripts as contest winners...but what about the comedy, western, fantasy, or horror ... Final Deadline: 04/30/17 Regular: 03/31/17 Feature , Short International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Amsterdam has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 10/31/17 Regular: 04/02/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Play , Novel WriteMovies’ Spring 2017 Competition is your chance to earn $1500 available in cash, plus over $3000 in script development from us, and ... Final Deadline: 04/23/17 Late: 04/04/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Play , Novel Our mission is to forge a screenwriting competition that will launch the careers of cinema's next generation of writers and filmmakers. Final Deadline: 06/06/17 Extended: 04/05/17 Feature To find 25 writers to attend our yearly Retreat with one of those writers being selected as the CineStory Fellow. Final Deadline: 04/05/17 Regular: 04/05/17 Short Providing screen writers the opportunity to see their words in picture form. Final Deadline: 05/10/17 Final: 04/14/17 TV Pilot Over $3,000 in Cash and Prizes! All winners are sent to over 25 producers, agents and managers. Our intention is to help open doors for the ... Final Deadline: 04/14/17 Final: 04/15/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short To provide a platform focused on promoting and encouraging diverse voices and stories. We're looking for writing from perspectives – ... Final Deadline: 04/15/17 Final: 04/17/17 Feature , Short Every script that is entered into Scriptapalooza is read by either a producer, manager or agent. We do not use “readers” or “regular ... Final Deadline: 05/01/17 Early: 04/18/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition is brought to you by the International Screenwriters’ Association. Our 8th Season is now ... Final Deadline: 06/28/17 Regular: 04/24/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Our mission is to inspire and encourage writers through a competitive showcase, while presenting a great networking opportunity for everyone ... Final Deadline: 05/08/17 Final: 04/25/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play The Best in New Media....Honoring Stories Worth Telling. All Genres and lengths welcomed. If you write stories worth telling, this is the ... Final Deadline: 04/25/17 Regular: 04/28/17 Feature , TV Pilot The Finish Line Script Competition redefines the screenwriting competition, embracing the rewrite as an essential component in any ... Final Deadline: 06/13/17 Final: 05/01/17 Short We want to create an innovative system where participants are aware of where their money goes and can impact the process of competition. ... Final Deadline: 05/01/17 Late: 05/05/17 TV Pilot , Short , Web Series HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films and short screenplays from ... Final Deadline: 05/26/17 Early: 05/08/17 TV Pilot , Web Series The CineStory Foundation has always believed in helping writers find their voice. We’re entering a world in which the ways to tell stories ... Final Deadline: 11/06/17 Extended: 05/09/17 Feature , Short Inspired by the idea of a cultural revival, we recognize that the digital revolution creates the conditions for a New Renaissance, opening a ... Final Deadline: 06/10/17 Late: 05/11/17 Feature The Byron Bay International Film Festival Screenplay Contest seeks to unearth new screenwriting talent and give writers the world over the ... Final Deadline: 06/23/17 Regular: 05/15/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series TIVP Screenwriting & Directing Competition is like no other It strives to highlight the work of quality of those in the indie realm and ... Final Deadline: 06/15/17 Final: 06/01/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The Capital Fund Screenplay Competition is where your scripts are read directly by investors who buy projects and fund films at the studio ... Final Deadline: 06/01/17 Regular: 06/26/17 Feature , TV Pilot Big Break is an annual, global screenwriting contest designed to launch the careers of aspiring writers with over $80,000 in cash, prizes, ... Final Deadline: 07/14/17 Late: 06/30/17 Feature , Short International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 08/07/17 Regular: 06/30/17 Feature , Short The San Diego International Kid's Film Festival promotes the idea of entertainment with education. Supported by many across the world, the ... Final Deadline: 07/26/17 Final: 07/01/17 Feature The fellowship program was developed to honor dedicated writers and to help further their creative process and skills. Writing in itself is ... Final Deadline: 07/01/17 Early: 07/09/17 Feature We are a a collective of producers, writers and union crew members who wish to see more content written by or about those under represented ... Final Deadline: 10/03/17