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Posted: Nov 30, 2016 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Kent Williams

Page 2 Screen podcast # 47 (NOCTURNAL ANIMALS)


"Nocturnal Animals" presents a beautiful world filled with brutality.


Tom Ford may have come from the world of fashion and beauty, but his latest movie entitled "Nocturnal Animals" is all about ugliness. Susan (Amy Adams) may be rich and glamorous, but her life is cold and lonely. Her art gallery is bleeding cash, her marriage is marred by infidelity, and she covers her shame in artifice. Then her ex Edward (Jake Gyllenhaal) sends her the new novel he's written, dedicated to her. As she reads, Susan realizes his fiction is a metaphor for their reality 20 years earlier. And the brutality in his story echoes that which ended their marriage. Tom Ford writes and directs this multi-tiered story with extraordinary attention to every word and detail. He's a true artist, provoking his audience with a controversial work as exquisite as it is unsettling.

Posted: Nov 24, 2016 Hosted By: Jeff York Guest: Christopher Dewan

"Westworld" is an enigmatic mystery that keeps us guessing.


The new HBO series does more than just re-imagine Michael Crichton's 1973 cult movie "Westworld" as a deeper and more philosophical examination of modern technology. It also confounds most of the rules of narrative in a television series. Almost every character at work and at play in the westernized adult theme park remains enigmatic eight hours into the 10-episode season. Multiple timelines may be at play, though they've yet to be clearly stated. And just what the maze at the center of the show means is anybody's guess. Maybe because so much is left to the viewer to decide and decipher, it's become the ‘water cooler' show of the fall season. Is it about robots becoming human, or God complexes or something else? Hard to say, but no matter where it's all going, it is utterly enthralling television. And we anxiously await its answers.

Posted: Nov 24, 2016 Hosted By: Jacob Krueger

An excerpt from Jacob Krueger's podcast: 


"... So learning how to write a successful screenplay is not actually just about learning how to write a good screenplay, it's learning how to know what compromises you can make and what compromises you cannot. Which imperfections your audience will accept, which imperfections are going to pull them out of the story.

In many ways, the success or failure of your movie all boils down to one really simple concept: Feeding The Genre Monster."



My True Colors Film Festival The My True Colors Festival is a two week event promoting cultural diversity by presenting works for and by underrepresented LGBTQ storytellers throughTheater, Film, Original Web Series Byron Bay International Film Festival Screening films of all genres from all over the world. First Scene and Short Screenplay Festival In the first 10 pages the writer needs to let the reader know in general terms what the story is about, and what is at stake. Set the tone of what world and genre the writer has created Mill Valley Film Festival Offering a high profile, non-competitive environment to celebrate the best in independent and world cinema.  Short & feature categories: narrative, doc, experimental, animation, childre Joss Whedon Screenwriting Talk - Impossible Event The Impossible Network recently interviewed Joss Whedon (The Avengers) and he did not disappoint. This 25 minute interview is full of fantastic advice for screenwriters.

Find the full transcript of the interview below!

College Town Film Festival The College Town Film Festival is happy to be entering it's fourth year. Along the journey, we have met talented filmmakers and artists. Our first stop is Penn State. Glass Page Books Small Press Lakeshore Entertainment Lakeshore Entertainment is one of the leading independent production, finance and international sales and distribution companies. Founded in 1994 by Chairman and CEO Tom Rosenberg, Lak Port Townsend Film Festival Port Townsend, 60 miles north of Seattle, is a favorite resort destination town. We’re a well educated, articulate bunch and we’ve loved and supported independent film here for 16 years Salt Lake City Film Festival Empowering independent filmmakers through exhibition, community engagement, education, and resource management Illinois Film Office Illinois is a world class film destination!  Check out our location, from the beautiful, iconic Chicago skyline and 58 mile lakefront to the gritty back alleys and unique historic neigh Moving Media Corporation Creative Movie Development and Production Grace Talent Agency Grace Talent is a talent and literary agency based in Beverly Hills, California. We represent Commercial, Film, Literary, and Television. We believe in cultivating a relationship that Aspen Film Location scouting/managing, line producing, production managing and real people casting on national commercials, print campaigns, features and industrials. Idaho Film Office Idaho is a land of wid-open spaces, small towns and friendly, helpful natives. It also has some of the most diverse topography is the US, so chances are you can "fake it" in Idaho! SAG-AFTRA SAG-AFTRA represents approximately 160,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, & singers. ShockerFest International Film Festival ShockerFest is the best in Independent Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films. We have had a wonderful audience reception of the festival and the films. The films just get better and better Female Filmmakers Initiative Resource Map We’ve created this database as a central information storehouse of the opportunities and programs available to U.S.-based women filmmakers. Max Timm's, The WishKeeper Audiobook Serial - Chapter 3

Welcome back to The WishKeeper serial podcast, and thanks for coming back! I guess that means I did something right in the first episode. Let's keep going with Shea's story - it's barely just begun. We last saw Shea dealing with not only remembering a difficult past, but managing her boring and monotonous day-to-day life. The argument with her dad at the end of Chapter 2 is just a very brief glimpse into their relationship, and really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg where they're concerned. Their relationship is a bit of a powder keg because neither of them have dealt with the loss of Shea's mom very well. Shea just wants to forget, and Beren needs to hold on. And even though we all deal with loss differently, Shea and Beren have allowed their processes to push each other away.


Stay tuned after this episode is over. We're moving on to Chapter 3, and yes, this episode will contain only one chapter, but that's because Chapter 3 is kind of an epic one, and a very interesting one for me to write. At the end of the episode, I'll give more insight into my process of writing this chapter. It's rarely easy getting exposition across in a quick and succinct way, and since I have built a rather huge universe in this book, there is a lot to cover. Little by little, I reveal bits about the world, so listen in. Pay attention. And hopefully you become as enamored with my wishing world as I have. So let's dive in and get back to Shea and see what kind of trouble she's about to get into.






Instagram: TheWishKeeper or InstaMax9


Twitter: iMaxTimm


Jack Lenny Associates Jack Lenny Associates is a Beverly Hills-based talent agency. The company is led by Jim and Kim Lang Lenny, a husband-and-wife team. 9454 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Foundation Entertainment We believe that entertainment presents the most effective means for making positive impact on our country’s culture. Nothing within our society has the same reach or influence as entert Nyack Film Festival Take part in The Nyack Film Festival, presented by the Nyack Village Theatre. New England Screenwriters Whether you've just completed your first pass or your final draft, a second opinion can help transform your vision into the kind of script that makes a good first impression. Wyoming Film Office From high plains to mountain ranges and from snowfall to sunshine, find out about Wyoming’s diverse location’s climate and weather. Sydney Film School Our aim at Sydney Film School is to develop well-rounded people, courageous in their endeavours, curious and open to life’s marvels and compassionate in their dealings with one another. Good Pitch Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policy makers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues.
Final: 12/04/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The SoCal Film Festival has award winning movies and screenplays; industry speakers; professional workshops; Q&As with directors and actors; ... Final Deadline: 12/04/16 Regular: 12/04/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Play , Novel WriteMovies’ Winter 2016 Competition is your chance to earn $2000 in a cash prize plus over $3000 in script development from us, and get ... Final Deadline: 01/15/17 Final: 12/05/16 TV Pilot , Web Series The CineStory Foundation has always believed in helping writers find their voice. We’re entering a world in which the ways to tell stories ... Final Deadline: 12/05/16 Late: 12/05/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play TIFA, the Toronto Independent Film Awards Inc. (formerly known as Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. TIFVA) is dedicated to ... Final Deadline: 01/03/17 Regular: 12/05/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play Send your first scene (or first moments - 10page limit) and get feedback. Winners (at least 20 a year) get their first scene read at the ... Final Deadline: 12/25/16 Regular: 12/06/16 Short FULL FEEDBACK on your screenplay from our committee of Professional Screenwriters, Filmmakers, Production Heads and Script Consultants. Get ... Final Deadline: 12/30/16 Late: 12/09/16 Feature Well-written thrillers are always an excellent way for writers to show Hollywood pros a combination of commerciality, unique voice, and a ... Final Deadline: 12/23/16 Regular: 12/09/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel WILDsound Monthly Screenplay Festival offers screenwriters at all levels the fantastic opportunity of hearing their scripts read aloud by ... Final Deadline: 12/31/16 Regular: 12/11/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel The Fastest Growing FANTASY/SCI-FI Festival and Contest in the World today! – 0ffers screenwriters at all levels the fantastic ... Final Deadline: 12/26/16 Regular: 12/12/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play Offers writers at all levels the fantastic opportunity to hear their scripts read aloud using TOP PROFESSIONAL ACTORS and showcased online ... Final Deadline: 12/28/16 Final: 12/13/16 Feature , Short The New Renaissance Film Festival programme in Amsterdam has a category for films and screenplays with an LGBTQ theme. All genres are ... Final Deadline: 01/04/17 Final: 12/13/16 Feature , Short The screenwriting competition is part of the New Renaissance Film Festival (Amsterdam,NL), and wants to promote and reward talented ... Final Deadline: 01/04/17 Regular: 12/14/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Comedy Festival. We offer screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at ... Final Deadline: 12/30/16 Regular: 12/14/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Family Festival. Thank you for the detailed feedback. Whoever did this ... Final Deadline: 12/29/16 Extended: 12/15/16 Feature A 3-day celebration of independent cinema from around the globe every April in Goshen, Indiana. Final Deadline: 12/15/16 Final: 12/15/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series Rated SR is a film festival that focuses on socially relevant human stories and raises awareness to social problems by offering positive ... Final Deadline: 12/15/16 Final: 12/15/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series This year, we're offering a contest to not only provide prizes worth over $10,000 -- including platinum passes, free air travel, and hotel ... Final Deadline: 12/15/16 Regular: 12/15/16 TV Pilot , Web Series This is a monthly Television Festival showcasing the best of new TV PILOTS, Webseries and TV Spec Screenplays from existing shows. Get your ... Final Deadline: 12/31/16 Regular: 12/20/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Web Series Introducing the Emerging Screenwriters SHOOT YOUR SIZZLE Competition. If you want to sell your screenplay, you NEED a sizzle reel! The Grand ... Final Deadline: 01/26/17 Regular: 12/20/16 Short , Web Series MISSION: To provide talented writers and filmmakers the financial means ($10,000 cash) to turn their amazing short scripts into short films. Final Deadline: 02/20/17 Early: 12/20/16 Feature To find 25 writers to attend our yearly Retreat with one of those writers being selected as the CineStory Fellow. Final Deadline: 04/05/17 Final: 12/25/16 Feature , TV Pilot Everyone who enters this contest comes out ahead, because every single logline submitted receives detailed feedback in five days or less. ... Final Deadline: 12/25/16 Final: 12/25/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel Get your script and story performed by professional actors at the Horror Festival. We offer screenwriters, novelists and storytellers at ... Final Deadline: 12/25/16 Early: 12/28/16 Short All entries get their POEM shown on this website. AND, you can submit your Poem to be made into a video (guaranteed 1000s of view). GET ... Final Deadline: 12/28/16 Regular: 12/30/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short With a prize package worth over $30,000 in cash & prizes the CWA's mission is to discover talented screenwriters, and help them garner the ... Final Deadline: 04/30/17 Regular: 12/30/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The New Hope Film Festival Script Competition is especially interested in discovering and nurturing new and overlooked screenwriters. The ... Final Deadline: 01/27/17 Rolling: 12/31/16 Short We are holding a montly short screenwriting contest where the top three scripts will be considered for option/purchase and possible ... Final Deadline: 12/31/16 Final: 12/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Screenwriters... Did you know that ReelHeART was the first screenwriting competition that offered a Rehearsed Cast-to-Type Live Read for its ... Final Deadline: 01/31/17 Regular: 12/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel We make your written submission a short film that will be screened at the festival and online. We give you a copy for self-promotion. No ... Final Deadline: 02/28/17 Early: 12/31/16 Feature , Short International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 08/07/17 Early: 12/31/16 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Our mission is to inspire and encourage writers through a competitive showcase, while presenting a great networking opportunity for everyone ... Final Deadline: 05/08/17 Late: 01/01/17 Feature We encourage film makers to stay creative, not bound by copyright governance, and pursue communication through video productions. We ... Final Deadline: 01/01/17 Late: 01/03/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play The Best in New Media....Honoring Stories Worth Telling. All Genres and lengths welcomed. If you write stories worth telling, this is the ... Final Deadline: 04/25/17 Regular: 01/03/17 Feature , Short Inspired by the idea of a cultural revival, we recognize that the digital revolution creates the conditions for a New Renaissance, opening a ... Final Deadline: 06/10/17 Early: 01/06/17 Feature , Short Every script that is entered into Scriptapalooza is read by either a producer, manager or agent. We do not use “readers” or “regular ... Final Deadline: 05/01/17 Regular: 01/07/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short Our main objective is to create exposure for screenwriters - to get your stories into the hands of the people who option, buy and produce ... Final Deadline: 01/07/17 Regular: 01/10/17 Feature , Short The Universe Multicultural Film Festival seeks to bring the best of classic and contemporary filmmaking and screenwriting from around the ... Final Deadline: 03/01/17 Early: 01/12/17 Feature , TV Pilot Our goal is to discover TWO emerging screenwriters and "Fast Track" their development by offering career-accelerating meetings with EIGHT ... Final Deadline: 03/01/17 Early: 01/27/17 TV Pilot , Short , Web Series HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) is an annual short film festival showcasing the best and brightest short films and short screenplays from ... Final Deadline: 05/26/17 Late: 01/31/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series , Play , Novel International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Nice has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 03/07/17 Regular: 01/31/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short The Capital Fund Screenplay Competition is where your scripts are read directly by investors who buy projects and fund films at the studio ... Final Deadline: 06/01/17 Early: 01/31/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Play Our mission is to forge a film festival that will launch the careers of faith based writers and filmmakers and facilitate established ... Final Deadline: 05/16/17 Regular: 02/01/17 Short We want to create an innovative system where participants are aware of where their money goes and can impact the process of competition. ... Final Deadline: 05/01/17 Early: 02/01/17 Feature , TV Pilot The Finish Line Script Competition redefines the screenwriting competition, embracing the rewrite as an essential component in any ... Final Deadline: 05/31/17 Regular: 02/15/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series Our mission is to inspire and encourage writers through competition, while presenting a great networking opportunity for anyone involved in ... Final Deadline: 03/01/17 Late: 02/28/17 Feature , TV Pilot , Short , Web Series The Madrid International Film festival has as its objective in the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and ... Final Deadline: 03/30/17 Regular: 03/31/17 Feature , Short International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Amsterdam has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of ... Final Deadline: 10/31/17 Final: 04/14/17 TV Pilot Over $3,000 in Cash and Prizes! All winners are sent to over 25 producers, agents and managers. Our intention is to help open doors for the ... Final Deadline: 04/14/17