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Posted: Jan 16, 2017 Hosted By: Jacob Krueger "When your judgement of your writing is based on fear, it has very little connection to reality. You may dismiss really brilliant writing as terrible, simple because you're afraid that other people aren't going to like it. Or you may fall in love with scenes that are not working simply because they feel safe to you..."
Posted: Jan 16, 2017 Hosted By: Jacob Krueger

Whenever you're talking about your writing or anything you want to be doing more of - eating healthy or working out at the gym - watch for when you're about yo say, "I have to...", or "I need to...", and reframe the question for yourself to be actually more truthful to reality, which is to say, "I choose to..."


Don't wake up and say, "I have to write." Wake up and say, "I choose to write."


Posted: Jan 7, 2017 Hosted By: Max Timm Guest: Corey Mandell

We are presenting this podcast as an introduction to our upcoming TV Story Weekend on January 14 and 15 in Los Angeles. If you don't yet know about Story Weekend, you absolutely must check it out - a two-day event with Lee Jessup, Jen Grisanti and Corey Mandel, giving specific insight and an intensive on all aspects of the TV writing process, business, and how to write a pilot that sells. There will also be two panels presented with representatives from the industry such as Gersh, a writer on the upcoming Netflix show, Ozark, manager Jamie Wager and then some. Join us in Los Angeles in mid-January 2017 and learn from the best! See more here.


An award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Corey Mandell has written projects for Ridley Scott, Wolfgang Petersen, Harrison Ford, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, John Travolta, Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000, Fox Family, Working Title, Paramount, Live Planet, Beacon Films, Touchstone, Trilogy, Radiant, Kopelson Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures. Through his vast experience working as a writer in the business, Corey has amassed an exceptionally successful consulting service and business over the past ten years. In this interview with Corey, we discuss how the TV industry is changing, but more so on a creative and expectation level where writing is concerned. It's illuminating in that Corey stresses that the industry isn't wanting to same old same old anymore. They're tired of the basic structure and beats, and audiences want new, they want different, they want unique.


We dive in to how to approach creating the most unique story, but we really just scratch the surface. In order to get more from Corey (and Max Timm with the ISA), you can check out Corey's website at coreymandell.net, or attend the ISA's TV Story Weekend event on Jan 14 and 15. Corey will be leading a seminar and discussion on pitching to the TV industry and getting the most out of your TV projects. It's a can't-miss event. 



PB Management PB Management is a full service Talent Management/Production company representing writers, established actors and young developing talent. Int'l Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Milan has as its objective the promotion of cinematographic art by presenting films of quality and entertainment. United Talent Agency UTA operates exclusively by referral and does not accept unsolicited material or solicitations of any kind. 9336 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310.273.6700 Variety Providing insider information since 1905, Variety provides the latest news in film, television and the related digital arts as well as industry events, award ceremonies, projects in dev SYS Host, Ashley Scott Meyers, Q&A Episode 100

Screenwriter Ashley Scott Meyers answers listener submitted questions and ponders the best way to start and have a long lasting screenwriting career.
Writers' Guild of South Africa Above all the WGSA aims to be a support system for the South African writer of TV, Film, Radio, Theatre and New Media. If you write for performance here is the place where you can gain Position Management Management for writers and directors in the cities of New York and Los Angeles. Lakeshore Entertainment Lakeshore Entertainment is one of the leading independent production, finance and international sales and distribution companies. Founded in 1994 by Chairman and CEO Tom Rosenberg, Lak Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Held annually in October since 1996, The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival has grown into the largest event of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, gaining industry and audience recogni NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Showcasing innovatie works by emerging filmmakers from around the world
Filmkraft Rogaland AS Utilizing amazing locations and other resources to help provide continuity for local crew and businesses to help filmmakers who are looking to shoot in Norway. Jon Cassar - Top Producer/Director on 24, Fringe, Criminal Minds

Have you seen the shows, 24, Revolution, Fringe, Person of Interest, or Criminal Minds? Most of you probably have, or you’re well aware of how popular they were and are (though we're still sad Revolution was cancelled). Jon Cassar was the exec producer and director of multiple episodes on all of those shows! He’s a two-time Emmy award winner with his work on 24 and the mini-series, The Kennedys, and Jon was cool enough to sit down with Max Timm, Director of Community Outreach with the ISA, and talk about the TV industry, how to work your way up as not only a young writer, but a budding filmmaker, and to give a reality check as to just how difficult this industry really is.


It was kind of funny when Max asked him how a new writer can attempt to open doors. He was very real with his answer – he didn’t know exactly how! He reinforced that this industry is one of the most difficult to get into and much less make a living – as if we didn’t know that already - but with that reality check came an inspirational breakdown of his own rise through the ranks as a camera operator to now being a sought-after TV director. He’s also directing his own features with a movie coming out in the fall of 2016. He basically told us to stick to our guns, be persistent, and do whatever you can to knock down doors. Giving up is not an option. Enjoy the interview and as always, thanks for listening.

Core Literary Inc. CREATED BY CHARLES NORTHCOTE, A “HYPHENATE" WHO IS A DIRECTOR/WRITER/TEACHER/ACTOR AND HAS WORKED IN VIRTUALLY EVERY ASPECT OF THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS. Access Code Short Film Festival It's a festival where 200 movies are played, more than any of the festival in the world. Almost every film that enters the festival will be screened at the festival. Breaking In with Maze Runner / Scorch Trials Director, Wes Ball

A relative newcomer, director Wes Ball is a perfect example of a filmmaker who stuck to his guns – the love of telling a great story. He knew at an early age that he had an intention to make movies, but like most of us, wasn’t certain as to how he should follow that intention and make it a career. The advice we continue to hear in our Curious About Screenwriting series of interviews is that there isn’t one way to “make it”. There is no direct route. There is no simple stepladder. Wes pushed and pushed but not because he wanted to make money doing what he loved, but because he simply loved filmmaking and storytelling.


After creating an eye-popping 7-minute short called “Ruin” (which you can find online if you simply Google “Ruin” and Wes Ball – it’s worth watching for sure), the short film went viral and caught the eyes of multiple Hollywood execs. How he went from a relative no-name to suddenly having two movies at Fox is a stunner of a story, and proves that if you simply devote your time to doing what you love, you never know what can happen. His first movie – his directorial debut – was The Maze Runner. The Maze Runner went on to a huge box office return, and he was swiftly picked up to direct its sequel, The Scorch Trials. I personally loved The Maze Runner and am really looking forward to checking out the sequel. It hits theatres on September 18. Let’s get folks back into the theatres and enjoy the final days of summer by watching Wes’ latest. We look forward to tracking his future success and of course are thankful that he spent time with us on Curious About.

Film Commission Bavaria (FFF) Acting as a liaison between the film industry and local authorities for shooting permits, this film commission is your first contact point for questions regarding shooting
Anchor Bay Entertainment Anchor Bay Entertainment is one of the leading distributors of independent feature films and home entertainment product and the home entertainment division of Starz Media, LLC. Trail Dance Film Festival Featuring family-oriented and Western films, also accepting all genres except adult-themed, is an open-genre independent film competition. Trail Dance affords opportunities for filmmake Long Island Film Festival Long Island Film Festival Blacktie Screenplay Competition, discovering and promoting independent filmmakers. JACOPO DELLA QUERCIA: PREEMPTIVELY EDIT YOUR FILM In this discussion with writer Jacopo della Quercia we examine the question of what NOT to reveal to the audience and more by sharing personal and historical examples of where cuts were made to better fit a larger story. Points of conversation include deleted scenes from classic films, unused material from famous scripts, the challenges faced and opportunities offered when adapting existing works, and personal experiences on how writers can be their own film editor Story Mapping The Shawshank Redemption Daniel Calvisi and William Robert Rich, hosts of the Story Maps Screenwriting Podcast, will break down and discuss The Shawshank Redemption with a beat-by-beat structural analysis that explores its classical structure, as well as the non-traditional elements that break from the Hollywood norm. The Film Festival Guild The Film Festival Guild was created to help independent film-makers showcase their work at high quality festivals across the world and the UK. The Black List The Black List is where filmmakers find great material to make films and great material finds filmmakers to make them. Over 225 Black List screenplays have been made as feature films. Mia Terra Retreats Diana Osberg co-wr?ote the screenplay for the award-winning feature THE JOURNEY. Her thriller VIRTUAL WITNESS is featured in the book "Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay." Mississippi Film Office Location scouting and research; pre-production help with casting, extras, crew, equipment; trouble-shooting during production and wrap; we will work with you every step of the way. The Evolution of the Comic's Voice with Stand-Up Comedian, Ian Edwards

Is there a mathematical element to comedy writing? For most of us creative types, we would hope there isn’t simply because it may bring back nightmarish flashbacks of high school trigonometry or something, but in this interview with stand-up comedian and comedy writer, Ian Edwards, Ian discusses the specifics of how a joke is constructed, but equally so, how important it is to just “feel it”. There is an emotional connection to writing that most writers naturally understand, and it’s important to stay connected to that gut feeling, but Ian reminds us how important hard work and a constant dedication to the craft is equally essential.


We talked about Ian’s adventure rising through the comedy ranks, even going as far back as first telling jokes through a Burger King drive thru. Like all writers, Ian evolved his personal voice over years of practice, but what I loved was that he admitted that any writer’s voice naturally changes as he or she grows and changes. So while the industry at large says, “you have to find your voice”, Ian’s ultimate statement here is that we really just need to be in tune with ourselves and how we naturally change through the years. And after Ian worked his way through the New York comedy scene, he brought his voice to Los Angeles eventually writing for shows such as The Cartoon Network’s “The Boondocks”, Adult Swim’s, “Black Dynamite”, the CBS hit “Two Broke Girls” and most recently ABC’s “Black-ish”. Ian is more than just a funny guy – he’s a talented writer, a dedicated writer, and is on a positive trajectory toward stardom. We’re honored to have him on, and if you want to get more of Ian and his comedy, you can find him in multiple ways! He’s on Twitter @IanEdwardsComic, you can get his comedy album, “100% Half-Assed” at Conan O’Brien’s label, records.teamcoco.com, or if you’re a soccer fan, you can listen to Ian’s own podcast series called “Soccer Comics” at AllThingsComedy.com.


Thank you for listening to the ISA’s Curious About Screenwriting podcast. Please remember to share our interviews with your friends, rate us on iTunes, and if you would like to follow the interview’s host, Max Timm, you can find him on Twitter @iMaxTimm or Instagram @InstaMax9. Thanks again, and enjoy.

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