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Costa Rica Screenwriting Retreat - 10 Days!

Workshop Brought to you by Jacob Krueger Studio
Registration ended: 06/01/2016
Class Begins: 06/09/2017   Ends: 06/18/2017
Class Time: 12:00 am - (CDT)
FEE: $3800/$3795 Registration Expired


Ever longed to escape to a place where the only thing that mattered was your writing? Ever imagined yourself in a writer’s paradise where creativity flowed naturally and beauty was all around you? Then come join Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger for a life-changing retreat of writing, creative exploration and meditation in tranquil Costa Rica.



Begin your writing day with a yoga session on a hilltop pavilion overlooking the ocean. Enjoy a home-made breakfast, and then find your perfect writing spot: an outdoor writing lounge, a cozy couch, a secluded hammock, or the comfort of your own room for a day spent with your writing.


Throughout your day, enjoy opportunities for screenwriting lectures, discussions, readings of student work and feedback sessions with your fellow students, or just escape from it all and be alone with your thoughts on the hidden white-sand beach only steps from the hotel.

When your work is done, cool off with a dip in the fabulous pool or a walk in the forest, and then join your fellow students for a home cooked dinner, chat about your writing and share your experiences.


Each night, we’ll have movies under the stars, projected on a huge screen, as well as discussions, seven-act structure breakdowns, and special surprises designed to capture the spirit of Costa Rica and put you in touch with your creativity.


We’ve rented the entire hotel for the exclusive use of our writers, ensuring that your writing day will be free from distractions, and surrounded by a community of fellow writers as dedicated to their craft as you are to yours.



Every retreat is different, because each retreat is built around the specific needs of our writers, assuring everyone who attends gets the individualized attention they need. Here’s a brief list of some of the classes offered at last year’s retreat:


Screenwriting Workshops, Hypnosis For Writers Block, Meditative Writing, Screenplay Format, Writing For Coverage Readers, Writing For Production, Taking Notes & Giving Feedback, The Art of The Rewrite, Seven Act Structure, Pitching & Marketing For Writers, Goal Setting, Building A Writer’s Lifestyle and More!



Nestled between a protected mangrove forest and the hidden white sands of Buena Vista beach, and reserved exclusively for the use of our students, our hotel is the perfect creative paradise.

Its gorgeous air-conditioned rooms and bungalows are tucked away within its lush tropical grounds, complete with indoor and outdoor writing nooks, ping pong, pool, and foosball tables, and some of the most innovative architectural design in all of Costa Rica.


Creatively inspired and designed by its owners, former airline pilot, Guido, and his wife Anke, the hotel also offers a once in a lifetime way to experience the beauty of Costa Rica, with its own airstrip, and a small fleet of gyro-copters. Schedule an optional gyro-copter tour with Guido, and experience the majesty of Costa Rica from the sky.



Take a zip-line canopy tour of the Costa Rican rain forest. Visit the nearby turtle sanctuary and watch the giant sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach. Ride horseback through the forest or along the coast.


Ride a bike through the local villages. Snorkel along the coral reef. Enjoy local music and freshly caught fish around a bonfire at the beach. Or just take a long walk alone on the white sand. You’re staying in one of the most breathtaking places in the world, where creativity and natural beauty are omnipresent.


For the group, we’ll be offering several optional tours at discounted rates. The hotel owners, Guido and Anke, are a fountain of knowledge and can also help you book your own tours so you can experience Costa Rica in your own way.



Cost of a the 10 day retreat is $3800 and includes everything you need for a perfect screenwriting getaway: a luxurious air-conditioned room or bungalow, daily breakfast and dinner for the entire stay, screenwriting lectures, workshops, writing marathons and feedback sessions, daily yoga, nightly film screenings, unlimited access to writing areas and lots of special surprises.


Once you have purchased your retreat, call us at 917-464-3594 to select your dates!