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Online Professional Screenwriting Workshop

Online Brought to you by Corey Mandell Professional Screenwriting Workshops
Registration ended: 04/26/2014
Class Begins: 04/26/2014   Ends: 06/28/2014
Class Time: 10:00 am - (PST)
FEE: $495/$490 Registration Expired

There are two essential skill-sets required for screenwriting success. The ability to write scenes that grab a reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading and the ability to sequence those scenes into the most compelling order (story structure). 

These skills are not equal. The first skill is far more important then the second one.

Many writers believe they already write sufficiently strong scenes, characters and dialogue, and that if they could only get better at story structure they’d be able to write professional-level scripts. Unfortunately, this is too often not the case. 

I met a producer who received 116 script submissions from writers at a pitch fest. He read the first scene or two of each script, but would only continue reading if those scenes were written to professional-level standards.  

I asked how many scripts he read beyond the first couple of scenes? He said only two. Which means he tossed 114 of the 116 scripts after only a few pages.

The single most important skill required for success is the ability to write original, powerful, and compelling scenes.  If a writer can’t consistently do that, all the story structure in the world won’t save them.  Without this ability, a writer simply has no shot.

ABOUT THE CLASS (eight sessions on Saturday's from 10:00am – 1:00pm PST from April 26 through June 28 - no class May 3 or 31.)

This intensive eight-week class will analyze highly successful scenes and provide weekly writing assignments and review of participants work in a supportive, yet challenging environment. By working on emotional context, narrative intensity, high impact pacing, set-up’s, builds and pay-off’s, participants will learn the tools necessary to conceive, write, and edit professional caliber scenes essential for any successful screenplay.   

Additionally, this workshop will focus participants on developing the four essential screenwriting skill sets required for long-term success – writing clear and compelling professional level conflict, strengthening and integrating both the conceptual and intuitive muscles, process, and rewriting.

Once participants demonstrate the ability to write professional level scenes they will be moved on to learning structure -- writing sequences which bring overall story structure into play.  And since the structural mistakes writers make in sequences are the same they make in screenplays, sequence work will allow participants to move down their learning curves at an accelerated rate.