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How to Package and Sell a TV Show

Seminar - Studio City Brought to you by The Industry Workshops
Registration ended: 05/31/2014
Class Begins: 05/31/2014   Ends: 05/31/2014
Class Time: 9:00 am - (PDT)
FEE: $35/$30 Registration Expired

Packaging and selling TV, whether it’s scripted or unscripted, requires thinking like a Show Runner! Scripted, unscripted is there a difference in the packaging? How do I take my idea and get it in front of a network? How do I walk in with a licensing deal instead of going the traditional route? What are networks buying, and how do I get a show runner to help me pitch and sell? Learn all of this and more in an easy-to-understand approach from a working show runner.


Who should attend:

  • Writers
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Actors
  • and anyone who wants to make and sell a movie!

During this class, we will spend some time watching sizzle reels and character development reels for shows that have both sold along with ones that have not. We will also explore the difference between “format” and “docu-series” and which one is hot right now. Packaging different formats can be overwhelming at times, however learning the proper methods makes all of the difference.


***If you have a sizzle reel, character development reel, or development package you can bring it for a chance to have it discussed in a group setting.***


By the end of this Workshop, you will know:

  1. How to successfully package a TV Series.
  2. How to get representation for a TV show prior to walking into a network.
  3. What a show runner does and how to find one for your project.
Requirements: something to take notes
Tags: TV Pilot, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western