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Paris Writers' Workshop - The Essentials of Screenplay

Workshop - Paris
Registration ended: 06/20/2014
Class Time: Not Yet Determined
FEE: $1030/$1025 Registration Expired

Learn what makes a screenplay work and how a film hooks an audience. The workshop will study story, structure, developing a captivating theme, character creation, dialogue and subtext, plot and subplots, visual story telling techniques, scene development, conflict creation and resolution. The participants will view scenes of a film and study the related scenes in the underlying screenplay to analyze the script writing essentials.


Further participants will also study how all the non-written creative elements such as music, costuming, set décor, casting, color palette, and locations contribute to the story telling and marry into in a harmonious totality.


The workshop members will participate in writing exercises to build these essential screenwriting skills and will critique each other's work. Time permitting, the instructor will discuss the screenplay in the marketplace including agents, readers, submissions procedures, marketability, targeting buyers.

Tags: Feature, Short, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction