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Elevate Your Story; Elevate Your Career!

Workshop - Los Angeles
Registration ended: 07/18/2014
Class Begins: 07/19/2014   Ends: 07/19/2014
Class Time: 9:00 am - (PDT)
FEE: $99/$94 Registration Expired

This jam-packed day will be broken up into 3 parts:


Part 1 – Elevate Your Story

Danny will go through what “elevated” actually means, different ways to achieve this in your script and story, and how to identify if your project IS elevated.

In Part 1, we will cover:

  • What “Elevated” means and examine Hollywood films that define it
  • 10 exercises designed to take your characters to the next level and make them more castable and compelling
  • The 9 steps to creating dynamic set piece scenes
  • How to identify and exploit your hook in visual says
  • Keys to creating suspense
  • Creating iconic movie moments and dialogue
  • Creating different story devices that will elevate your plot and script including timeclocks, transitions, scene buttons, subplots, dual-hooks, etc.
  • Finding the different layers of conflict and stakes to keep your story going
  • How your voice can elevate your script
  • Making sure your loglines read as high concept and sellable
  • Major differences between professional scripts and scripts from new writers
  • And much more!

Part 2 – Elevate Your Career

Lee will take you through everything you need to know in order to make sure you’re creating the right elevated brand and getting your screenwriting career started on the right path. 

In Part 2 we will explore:

  • You wrote your elevated script, but when is it really ready?
  • The state of the industry: What are executives, agents and managers looking for and why?
  • The velocity and output expected from professional screenwriters
  • Easy ways to define and extend your brand
  • Your body of work: what does it need?
  • Various paths for breaking into the industry
  • How to develop a compelling personal narrative
  • The differences between agents and managers, and when you can utilize which
  • Contests and television fellowships
  • The promise and dangers of listing services
  • Pitching and pitch events

Part 3 – Elevate Your Pitch

Lee and Danny will come together to show you how best to elevate your pitches for film, TV and representation. They’ll go through different pitching techniques to make sure you’re highlighting the best of you and your project. And then they will take and critique your pitches LIVE!


This is your chance to get your script, pitch and career where they need to be and get individual guidance from TWO of the industry’s leaders.

Tags: Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western