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How to Uncover Your Blindspots & SuperCharge Your Career

Registration ended: 07/24/2014
Class Begins: 07/24/2014   Ends: 07/24/2014
Class Time: 11:00 am - (PDT)
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I don't know about you, but sometimes when I'm having a hard time accomplishing a big goal or overcoming an obstacle I think...


"I'm feeling resistance and I don't know why..." 

OR "I just wish I could see my blindspots.  I know there are things that if I could see them I could figure out a way to overcome them!"


OR "I just don't get it!  Why isn't this happening for me!!"


If any of these describes how you feel, then you'll definitely want to check out my FREE teleclass How To Uncover Your Blind-Spots & Super-Charge Your Career!


In this FREE class you'll learn 2 Keys to identifying your blind-spots-- identifying the things that have been stopping you from having your dream career! 


You'll also get a case study on one of my clients who used these tools to see something huge that had been stopping him-- literally forcing him to run away from his dream career and sell cars for a living.  And then, what he did with that information to turn his career around.


Join me!