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Multiplatform Storytelling

Seminar - Los Angeles Brought to you by Scriptwriters Network
Registration ended: 09/25/2014
Class Begins: 09/27/2014   Ends: 09/27/2014
Class Time: 1:00 pm - (PDT)
FEE: $30 Registration Expired

SPEAKER: Evette Vargas || Check-in: 12:30 pm ||


Workshop covers how to plan, develop & produce multiplatform storytelling. 


Storyworld Planning: idea, longline, tagline, synopsis, main characters, character bios, bible, user journey/entry touch points into storyworld, story milestones, the “why, how, what” of the storyline.


Storyworld Development: identify the best platforms for the idea, create the storyworld and characters; write character arcs; mine the hook of the idea for all platforms to inspire storylines, technologies, merchandising, etc.; devise experiences per platform (UI, UX, social, live, AUGMENTED REALITY, Oculus Rift, interactivity, etc.)


Strategic PlanningPROJECT MANAGEMENT team management, tools, marketing, audience analysis, audience engagement plan (social media), funding and business models (monetization channels), platforms, tech, apps, etc.


Pre-Production: multiplatform production planning (phased planning); roll out plan for unfolding and growing the franchise; success indicators, monetization + audience; building your teams for production (each platform has a dedicated team); having all your MULTICHANNEL contracts at hand (cast and crew for multiple content use.)



  • Best approach for your projects
  • Leveraging all of your digital assets (plan for multiple uses of the content)