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Mastering Your Genre

Seminar - Los Angeles Brought to you by Scriptwriters Network
Registration ended: 10/23/2014
Class Begins: 10/25/2014   Ends: 10/25/2014
Class Time: 1:00 pm - (PDT)
FEE: FREE Registration Expired

We have enough prequels, sequels, remakes and reboots within the marketplace. Are you ready to make some changes to push towards fresh, new material? Be certain that you have the right genre for your project(s) and yes, writers may even find success when creating a sub-genre (think steampunk).

This workshop assists you as you run the history of your genre to discover the traits that are working (and not working) for your authentic script. Results of this work lead to your new SPIN on an old and tired genre to produce and promote your new fresh voice/point-of-view.


Here’s an excerpt from The Writer’s Journey author Christopher Vogler’s foreword to Scheer’s BOOK: “She points to a high road for genre-loving writers, in which they can not only participate in the forms they admire, but also make fresh contributions that no one has ever imagined, and even spin out completely new genres and styles that others will have the fun of exploring and expanding one day.”