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Q & A with Renowned Consultant, John Truby

Registration ended: 11/22/2014
Class Begins: 11/22/2014   Ends: 11/22/2014
Class Time: 11:00 am - (PST)
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For over 25 years, John Truby has been one of the world's leading story theorists, as well as one of Hollywood's most respect script doctors. Over 45,000 people have attended his sold-out seminars around the world, regularly attracting today's A-List screenwriters and TV writers. Truby's class is three days of intense, advanced content - no filler, no name-dropping, no Hollywood stories. As the American Film Institute declared, "Truby's course allows a writer to succeed in the fiercely competitive climate of Hollywood."


In preparation of Truby's upcoming classes through 2015, John will share his intimate knowledge and experience of the writing process, and give ISA members an insider's view of what many call, the best writing coach in the industry today.


John Truby's 3-Day Story Master Classes:

-Los Angeles - December 5 -7, 2014

-New York - March 13 - 15, 2015

-London - May 8 - 10, 2015

-Chicago - June 12 - 14, 2015


John Truby's Genre Classes:

-Myth Master Class - Los Angeles - December 13, 2014

-Masterpiece Clas - Los Angeles - December 14, 2015


Please visit his website for more information:


If you would like a sample of John's style and approach, watch this video which has garnered over 100,000 views thus far. Anatomy of Story: The Complete Film Courage Interview with John Truby

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