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Craft: A Screenwriting Intensive (NYC Workshop)

Classroom - New York Brought to you by Jacob Krueger Studio
Registration ended: 03/09/2016
Class Begins: 03/09/2016   Ends: 04/06/2016
Class Time: 1:00 pm - (EDT)
FEE: $350/$345 Registration Expired


4-Week Mid Day Intensive

1:00 - 4:00 pm

March 9th - April 6th (No Class March 23rd) 

With Jessica Hinds


Before they ever step out onto the field, pitchers train. A pitcher will throw curveball after curveball after curveball until his body memorizes exactly what it needs to do...and so should writers. We must have the muscle memory of the strongest execution of Action, Dialogue and Structure so we can forget it and focus on our story.


In this two-week class you will get the in-depth attention to your craft and the repetition you need to make sure that every scene you write is as powerful as it can be. A combination of lecture, in-class exercises and at-home assignments will throw you into the fast lane of mastering Formatting, Structure, Action and Dialogue. After mastering the craft, you will be able to write faster and more effectively. Don't be surprised if your first drafts start looking like third drafts and writing becomes more fun and free. Learn to instinctively turn what you see in your head into a scene on the page in a way that anyone could read and not just understand but actually see and feel.


Whether you are a new writer looking to develop your skills or a professional screenwriter looking to sharpen the well-worn tools in your toolbox, this class is the fast, fun and effective way to make readers, producers and agents see your film rather than just read your screenplay.