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The Myth of 3 Act Structure

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Learn an Organic Approach To Structure.  Trying to use three act structure to create the story of your movie is often like trying to sprint through a marathon.  You may start off strong, but by the time you hit the middle of the story, you'll most likely be running out of steam.  The plot starts to feel external, manufactured, predictable or diffuse.  The ideas just aren't coming anymore.  Or you find yourself spinning off in all kinds of directions that take you away from your main character and the story you were telling.

This is a common malady. It's called "getting lost in the second act."  And it's killed more good screenplays than any Hollywood bigshot.

Forever Change The Way You View Screenwriting. In this groundbreaking new seminar, Award Winning Screenwriter Jacob Krueger exposes the misperceptions about structure that get writers into trouble, and teaches you how to escape the rigid formulas that stifle creativity, with an organic approach that puts you back in touch with your instincts, and with your characters journey.


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