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High Concept is My Concept

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Class Begins: 05/02/2015   Ends: 05/02/2015
Class Time: 10:30 am - (PDT)
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When you pitch your screenplay, the first thing they're going to ask is: What's it about? What is the "idea", the "concept"? Now it's up to your concept to get them to read the script. At a pitchfest, they listen to people's concept all day long. When they read all of those enquiries, it's the same thing. You need a concept that rises above the rest. A high concept.


Some people mistakenly believe that high concept means high budget, but actually the opposite is true. A great high concept costs "less" to produce than a non-high concept screenplay. William C. Martell has made a living for the past 25 years selling high concept screenplays to cable networks like HBO and Showtime as well as to studios and indie producers. He will take you step-by-step through the process of finding the kind of idea that producers love...and that are personal stories. Sound impossible? All you need are the tools this live teleconference provides and a great imagination!


About Your Host


Laurie Lamson is honored to share her passion for screenwriting as the host of the Int'l Screenwriters' Association' free teleconferences. She is always interested in deepening her understanding of all that is necessary to make a great screenplay, and she has been lucky enough to collaborate with several indie producers on screenwriting assignments. She enjoys helping fellow and sister screenwriters take their own projects to the next level.


Laurie is the editor of Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, co-editor of Now Write! Screenwriting and Now Write! Mysteries, published by Tarcher/Penguin. Learn more and connect with Laurie at: or