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Micro-Budget Screenwriting with Consultant Paul Peditto

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Class Time: 10:30 am - (PDT)
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Consultant, Paul Peditto, asks you:


Do you need to be Los Angeles to consider yourself a screenwriter? The answer is… no.


Do you need to be to Los Angeles to write a movie that starts your career in screenwriting?The answer is…no and no.


Do you need to have an agent or a manager, to submit and place well in screenwriting contests, to be coached by screenwriting gurus and attend Pitchfests to start your career as a filmmaker?No, no, and NO!


DIY Film-making. This is not a new church. Low budget movies have been around since William K.L. Dickson filmed Fred Ott's Sneeze in 1894. John Cassavetes made films for low money. So did Orson Wells, who made bad wine commercials to finance his low-budget Shakespeare adaptations. Robert Rodriguez literally wrote the book, and major directors like Spike Lee and Aronofsky got their starts on the cheap. Credit-card filmmaking has been around forever, the watchword being film making. These early low-budget efforts were all shot on film-- which brings us to what is new in the equation: TECHNOLOGY.


What is new is being able to pick up a Canon 7D, or an Alexa or an iPhone6, and shoot a movie saying exactly what you want to say, maintaining full control of both content and distribution. Because what is also new are digital platforms to sell your product that didn't exist even ten years ago. These platforms have leveled the playing field and democratized the entire process of the art.


So what's all this got to do with you?


Hollywood. Home of the true 1%. Behind this gated community are the kidney-shaped pools and impeccable hedge rows. The million-dollar mansions and Lamborghini excess. The Country Club of which you are most definitely not a member. You cannot apply to this club. The gatekeepers know you are not of their cloth. They can smell you. You are the Unwashed. They can smell your wanting, your desperation to join them on the inside. They have set up impenetrable motes and ramparts to stop you. How will you scale these walls?


For your part, you have always played by the rules. You wrote query letters to find an agent, followed the message boards, paid through the nose to take advice from the gurus and bought their books even though it didn't much seem to help. You sent into as many screenwriting contests as you could, put your scripts up on websites that claimed the inside ear of "Industry Professionals"—meaning the 1%.

You did all these things with a belief in your work as a writer. You just wanted a chance, a chance to... what?  To bag an agent, take meetings, pitch and get sent out on assignment work, work your way into the Writer's Guild, pump out one-two-five movies, and establish a reputation and GET ON THE BOARD! Professionally, creatively… you want a legacy.


Your dream is to make it inside that Hollywood gate. You’ve tried every Old School method.

People, Old School is dead.


Some thoughts on the new religion are coming your way via this teleconference. Hope you can join us!


About Your Host 


Laurie Lamson is honored to share her passion for screenwriting as the host of the Int'l Screenwriters' Association' free teleconferences. She is always interested in deepening her understanding of all that is necessary to make a great screenplay, and she has been lucky enough to collaborate with several indie producers on screenwriting assignments. She enjoys helping fellow and sister screenwriters take their own projects to the next level.


Laurie is the editor of Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, co-editor of Now Write! Screenwriting and Now Write! Mysteries, published by Tarcher/Penguin. Learn more and connect with Laurie at: or


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