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Visual Mindscape Screenwriting Retreat

Workshop - Malibu Brought to you by Mia Terra Retreats
Registration ended: 02/03/2016
Class Begins: 02/05/2016   Ends: 02/07/2016
Class Time: 8:30 am - (PDT)
FEE: $395/$390 Registration Expired

Spend a 3-day weekend in sunny Malibu, California and heat up your screenwriting skills at the beautiful Serra Retreat Center. The Visual Mindscape Screenwriting Retreat covers the ‘what,' ‘why' and ‘how' in creating a powerful visual narrative that captures the attention and imagination of the reader.


Award-winning screenwriter and popular script consultant Bill Boyle will guide you through the Visual Mindscape method of screenwriting. Lectures, assignments, feedback and informal discussions will help you learn how to engage your audience at a deeper, more emotional level. Master these powerful techniques and you'll notice a big improvement in your writing.


Bill is the lead proponent of the Visual Mindscape approach to screenwriting and storytelling. He has sold or optioned every screenplay he's ever written and attributes much of his success to this visual style of writing.


"As film is first and foremost a visual medium, does it not make sense that the screenplay, which is the spine, heart and soul of the film, also be a visual experience? If, in Citizen Kane you were ‘told' the meaning of ‘Rosebud,' would it have the same impact as it did when you saw the sleigh being tossed into the furnace? Of course not! I believe that a fully realized screenplay reveals itself primarily through images, which I refer to as the Visual Mindscape. This allows the reader or viewer to ‘discover' elements of the story rather than being told. It is a far more intimate and visceral experience. I feel this is the true magic of the screenplay and is the basis behind [his book] The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay." --Bill Boyle


Included in the retreat:


  • Bill's online courses Creating a Narrative in the Here & Now and The Pulse of Dialogue
  • Bill's book "The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay"
  • Lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday 


Topics to be covered...


  • Writing in the absolute present tense
  • Creating tension, mood and tone through proper narrative pacing
  • How to avoid detailed action without forsaking the dramatic purpose of the scene
  • Establishing atmosphere in your scenes to draw the reader into the world of your story
  • Defining and finding the inner qualities of characters tha create the outer qualities
  • Creating character introductions that are sharp, visceral and remain memorable to the reader


...and much more.




"After a significant investment I left film school somewhat disillusioned. Then I met Bill and took his workshops, where I received much more than I bargained for. I found him to be inspiring, informative and when necessary, challenging. I have rarely attended a workshop where so much valuable knowledge was imparted in such a short time. He also has vast understanding of the business of screenwriting which is an added bonus." --John Fast - "It's Great Being Me"


"Despite having been a writer for a hit Canadian TV drama series, I've always looked for ways to improve my skills. Bill spoke from his enviable experience, with insightful anecdotes and observations about scriptwriting. He's one of the best instructors I've had, regardless of subject." --Laura Beard - "A Quiet and Peaceable Man"


"Bill's workshops were not only immensely helpful, but inspiring as well. He always gives generously of his vast experience, talent, and insight. Every meeting with Bill further inspires my passion for this craft. He's changed the way I look at screenwriting." --Lois Simmie" - "Stealing Grandpa"


"If you are really serious about screen writing, I can't think of anyone more capable of getting you started. Bill Boyle is simply one of the best screenwriter's to come out of this province." --Tony Towstego, Producer, Thomega Entertainment


"Nearly a thousand screenplays pass through my office each year. Finding a truly exceptional one is always a challenge; the proverbial needle in a haystack. On more than one occasion, I have found that needle firmly embedded in scripts written by Bill Boyle. Always an excellent read." --Valerie McLeroy, VP of Development, Green/Epstein Productions


"As an actor I have always been impressed with the depth and care Bill gives to his characters. He is a wiz with dialogue and always able to find their individual voices and rhythms." --Lisa Howard, Actress, "Earth, Final Conflict", "The Highlander"


"His ability to combine a truly unique and exciting storyline into a flawlessly structured screenplay and to then blend these two elements together into an excellent ‘read', is second to none." --Daniel Cerone, Producer and Show Runner, "Dexter", "Charmed", "The Mentalist" and "Constantine"


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