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Writers on the Water Screenwriting Retreat

Workshop Brought to you by Mia Terra Retreats
Registration ended: 08/30/2015
Class Begins: 09/14/2015   Ends: 09/18/2015
Class Time: 9:00 am - (PDT)
FEE: $1299/$1294 Registration Expired

Join us on an unforgettable 5-day screenwriting voyage on a 110-foot sailing vessel and change the course of your writing. Voyage with fellow screenwriters to world famous Catalina Island, work on your craft and let the sea and her nature inspire you.


You may work on rewriting your screenplay or start a new one. Award-winning screenwriter and top script consultant Bill Boyle will guide you with daily classes and one-on-one mentoring. He'll be available for informal discussions and questions throughout the retreat. There will be lots of quiet time for you to write, either on the ship or on the island.


The voyage will originate from the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California. We'll sail to Catalina Island, 25 miles off the coast of Southern California. Along the way, it's common to see bottle nose dolphins, sea lions, pelicans and various kinds of whales. You may climb aloft, help set sails, sit out on the bowsprit, or just enjoy the ride.


You'll be given instructions on how to submit your script or new project ideas to Bill Boyle after you've completed registration. You may expect your itinerary and other retreat information to be sent electronically approximately 15-30 days prior to the retreat.


The retreat is limited to 28 screenwriters. Smoking is not permitted on the ship. 


Meals and Accommodations


The retreat includes three meals a day, beginning with lunch on day 1 and ending with lunch on day 5.


Each night, you'll fall asleep to the gentle rocking of the ship on the waves while at anchor in a peaceful harbor near the island. Each writer will have his/her own bunk in two mixed-gender common rooms below deck.


The ship is not wheelchair accessible, and you do need to be fit enough to navigate steep ladder-like stairs to get to the heads (toilets) and your bunk below deck. Some writers will need to climb into a middle or top bunk. You will need to be able to climb down a ladder and board the dinghy to go ashore. Also, some beaches are accessed by a "wet landing" in the dinghy. This involves stepping in and out of the dinghy from shallow water. Depending on the swells, this can range from the relatively simple to slightly adventurous! As always, our strong and sturdy crew will be there to lend a hand.


The environment around Catalina Island is absolutely enchanting. You'll be able to view a million stars in the night sky, and if you're lucky, even see a shooting star. Come up on deck at dawn, and you just might discover dolphins stitching through the water and sea lions resting on their sides with only a flipper visible above the water.


Depending on the tides, weather and what the writers want to do, we may kayak through a cave, view bright orange Garibaldi swimming in kelp beds below, take the small boat or kayaks to the beach, hike, observe Bison that live on the island and/or set sail for a morning of seamanship.


Your Hosts:

The Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI) will host the retreat on one of their twin 110-foot brigantines, Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson, the Official Tall Ships and Maritime Ambassadors of the City of Los Angeles. LAMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to teaching youth about science, math and life-skills through sail training in their TopSail Youth Program. All net proceeds from the cost of this voyage will go directly to supporting LAMI's TopSail Youth Program.

Mia Terra Tours & Retreats (the organizer) specializes in unique adventures to inspire writers, artists and creative souls.


Why should you attend a screenwriting retreat on a voyage to Catalina Island?


It may be just what you need to get away from the distractions at home and focus on the passionate side of your life - your writing - but it can be so much more than that. The powerful environment of the ocean with its wind, waves, and sea creatures can help blow the cobwebs out of your brain. New experiences provoke new insights. As artists, we need to step out of our comfort zones to view the world through new eyes. New sights, sounds, and experiences can inspire new ideas and excite the imagination.


You'll be with like-minded people -- other writers - and you'll share experiences that can help you form deep bonds with your new community. The retreat will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, forge friendships, and develop a support system that could last well beyond this 5-day voyage.


Best of all, with Bill's guidance, you'll learn new approaches to your writing and get on track to doing your best work ever. 

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