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The Writer / Representation Relationship

Registration ended: 10/10/2015
Class Begins: 10/10/2015   Ends: 10/10/2015
Class Time: 10:30 am - (PDT)
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In today’s industry, a good agent or manager can serve as the writer’s best and most vocal advocate in the professional space. Agents and managers are responsible for introducing their writers to the marketplace, strategizing a path to writing assignments, feature spec or pilot sales, staffing their writers on television shows and providing an overall vision for the screenwriter’s sustainable and lasting career.


In order to position yourself for and make the most of a future or current relationship with an agent or manager, learn all about what they’re seeking in a client, how an effective brand can lead to a powerful industry fan-base, which of the two does what on behalf of their writers, what you can expect from your rep, and what they are likely to expect from you.


In an increasingly saturated space, the competition for each open spot on an agent’s or manager’s client list has never been fiercer, and first impressions have never been more critical. In order to approach your new search for representation or support/develop a preexisting relationship most effectively, learn all about the varying business models, from single-manager operations to agency-like management firms, explore the risks of signing with big agencies or fringe managers, and learn all about recent agency shake ups that have effected the representation game.


This teleconference is dedicated to exploring all you need to know about the representation game, and answering all of your burning questions whether you are managing a current industry relationship or looking to secure the right representation for you.


Tags: Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Web Series, Play, Novel, Video Game