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Get Your Breakthrough Road-Map

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Join me for a FREE Tele-Class!Get Your Breakthrough Road-Map 

Here’s what you’ll get in this FREE Tele-Class:

  • The 4 Reasons Why You Might Be Stopped, Stuck or Not Moving Very Fast. 
  • The 5 Keys to your next Career Breakthrough! 
  • A Deep Dive into the mother of all breakthrough goals, Your Keystone Professional Goal. 
  • A real world Case Study of one of my clients who used these tools to make herself an in-demand director of shows like Empire and Arrow. 
  • Live coaching on your goals!
When: Wednesday, March 15th, at 11am PT Where: On the Phone, so you can participate from anywhere! Cost: FREE To RSVP: Fill out the form below! Can't wait to work with you!



Stop driving around in your career, wondering whether you should be turning left or right at each stop sign. Get on the fast track to your goals now!


“The more success I’ve achieved in my career the more I’ve craved high-level coaching. Shawn Tolleson’s insight, intuition, and strategic understanding of the industry have helped me to soar.” –Jan Eliasberg, Director/Writer/Producer, dozens of hours of episodic television including Ghost Whisperer, Parenthood, NCIS: Los Angeles, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, and Nashville.


“With Shawn’s coaching I’ve gone from booking 1 out of every 10 auditions to 11 out of the last 15. I used to have one A-list audition out of every 10 or 20, now it’s one out of three. I booked a juicy role on my first pilot in years, a movie directed by James Franco, and just last week NCIS: LA. And that’s just the past few months! Shawn’s tools won’t just change your career, it will change your life.” Patrick Gorman, Actor, 55-year SAG member, Academy-member, dozens of credits from Three Days of the Condor, to FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, NCIS: LA and many more. 

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