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John Truby's 3-Day Story Los Angeles Master Class

Seminar - Chicago
Registration ended: 06/10/2016
Class Begins: 06/10/2016   Ends: 06/12/2016
Class Time: 9:30 am - (CST)
FEE: $545/$540 Registration Expired
John Truby's class is three days of intense, advanced content - no filler, no name-dropping, no Hollywood stories. Truby's Anatomy of Story Master Class is considered the preeminent and most comprehensive story class in the world. The battle to create masterfully told stories with continuous creative energy can only be done when you master the craft, and embrace a professional working process to write and produce stories that will change your life. Truby's class gives you the tools and principles to develop these stories from a very organic place, not a mechanical one, which is why he is heralded as "the best story guru in the world" and "the man who trains Oscar-winning screenwriters."


Truby's Story Master Class is ideal for Screenwriter, TV Writers, Novelists, Producers, Directors, Filmmakers, Playwrights, Documentary Makers, Actors and more.


Course Outline: 3-Day Story Master Class

Day 1

  • How to find the perfect story design
  • Three confusions that hurt writers
  • Uncovering the myth of 3-act story structure
  • Seven Steps to deep structure
  • Creating the single driving force
  • Variations to classic story structure
  • Key weaknesses of myth, fairy tale and drama
  • Developing a great premise
  • Building the hero from the ground up
  • How the "character web" works
  • True character change and how to write it
  • Five Major character changes
  • Keys to the perfect opponent
  • Sequencing the moral elements of the story

Day 2

  • The 22 building blocks of every great script
  • Pacing by character growth, not page number
  • Keys to the perfect opponent
  • Creating the visual world
  • Using the subplot
  • Setting the tag line
  • Building the reveals
  • Choosing the right story shape
  • Creating the strong middle
  • The trick to scene sequencing
  • How to write 3-track dialogue
  • Secrets of building the scene
  • Dialogue that increases the conflict


 Day 3

  • Detailed Analysis of the Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Horror, Love, Masterpiece, Myth, SciFi, Thriller and Mixed Genres
  • What each genre really means
  • Sequencing the moral elements of the story
  • The central theme of each form
  • Key structure techniques for each genre
  • Mixing genres: The best strategies for story success
  • Bending the genre rules for originality
  • Techniques for transcending each genre

If you want to become a master storyteller, like all great screenwriters, you have to have a deep and precise understanding of subject, and the ability, talent and know-how to translate your understanding into a story.


Truby's Story Master Class not only explains how a great story works, but gives you the principles and techniques needed to create one. Over three intense days, Truby lays out a practical poetics for storytellers that works whether you're writing a screenplay, a novel, a TV show, a play or a short story. Truby shows how:

  • Great story is organic - not a machine, not something that can necessarily be reduced to a 3-act structure - and a living body that develops.
  • Storytelling is an exacting craft with precise techniques and principles that will help you be successful regardless of your genre or medium.
  • Your writing process is also organic, meaning that you'll develop characters and plot that will grow naturally out of your original story idea

As the American Film Institute said, "Truby's screenwriting class is a totally new system.... a course that allows a writer to succeed in the fiercely competitive climate of Hollywood."


"John Truby is the writing guru..." --Los Angeles Times 

Tags: Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Web Series, Play, Novel, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western, Adaptation, Video Game