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John Truby's 2-Day Los Angeles Genre Weekend

Seminar - Los Angeles
Registration ended: 12/10/2015
Class Begins: 12/12/2015   Ends: 12/13/2015
Class Time: 9:30 am - (PDT)
FEE: $195/$190 Registration Expired

John Truby closes out 2015 offering his 2 most popular genre classes in his hometown of Los Angeles - TV Drama and Myth. Both classes sold out before in LA, so don't miss your opportunity to ring in the Holidays with your fellow writers.


Day 1: Saturday, December 12, 2015, the TV DRAMA

For the last decade, the best dramatic writing in America has been found on television. The 1-hour TV Drama is a very lucrative and creative one for writers, but the challenge to write great scripts under impossible deadlines is intense.


John Truby's TV Drama Day is designed to make you a top professional TV writer, able to work on the staff of any show on television. Taken by everyone from first-time writers to writers on today's network and cable shows, you will learn the different story beats for the key genres of 1-hour TV, the structure of successful and satisfying TV dramas, how to include Emmy-winning elements in your story, how to sequence stories in a season, and how to create your own successful TV Drama.


Course Outline:


  • The High Concept TV Premise
  • How TV Changes the Major Story Genres
  • The 9 TV Drama Story Beats
  • Setting up the 4-Point Opposition
  • The All-important TV Story Weave
  • How to Write the Spec Script That Will Get You Work
  • Story Beats for TV Drama Genres
  • How to Sequence the Stories to Create a Great Season
  • Tricks of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, Lost, Sopranos and more
  • How to Create a Hit TV Dramatic Series
  • Much More 



Day 2 Sunday, December 13, 2015, MYTH MASTER CLASS

 Myth is the most popular of all story forms, but it comes with many hidden pitfalls. Myth uses the journey structure, which is a very different kind of plotting technique than the one found in other genres where the hero has to dig under the surface to get to the truth. You must also update any myth story if you want to reach today's modern, worldwide audience.


Course Outline: 


  • 8 New Myth Stories Dominating Worldwide Storytelling
  • The new Female Myth stories
  • 15 Myth Story Beats
  • How to create a magical myth Story World
  • 7 Character Archetypes from which most myth stories are constructed
  • Hybrid Superheroes
  • Knight stories: Why they are eternally popular
  • 5 levels of Utopias and Dystopias
  • How the New Myth works
  • The Ecological & Rejuvenation Story Beats
  • How to Write Your Life Journey
  • The Epic Comedy Story Beats
  • Symbol Map: 10 symbols and what they really mean
  • Much More
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