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Christopher Volger: The Essence of Story

Seminar - New York
Registration ended: 02/23/2016
Class Begins: 02/27/2016   Ends: 02/28/2016
Class Time: 9:30 am - (EST)
FEE: $445/$440 Registration Expired

The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler has become one of the cornerstones of modern screenwriting theory. Based on an influential memo he wrote while working at Disney Studios, the book is an international bestseller, and the ideas in it are used by a whole generation of screenwriters, novelists, producers, directors and more. Why? Because the Hero's journey is found in all powerful storytelling, and Vogler's principles and theories serve as the ultimate guide to telling deep, emotionally-driven stories.

Chris Vogler travels around the world teaching his 2-day Masterclass to sold-out audiences in film capitals like LA, NY, Paris and Toronto, and regularly serves as a consultant to top Hollywood studios and filmmakers. He's helped guide the storytelling of many successful films over the last 20 years, including Noah, The Wrestler, Black Swan, The Lion King, The Thin Red Line, Fight Club and more.

Film and television can be mindless amusement or they can move us deeply, even change us by bringing us to some new awareness. If our movie stories are not meaningful to people these days, it's because we have forgotten how to move them, how to stir up their emotions and lead them to experience the healthy catharsis that Aristotle speaks of. What are the keys to the emotions of the audience? What are the triggers that will make them feel something again, that will allow them to become just a little more conscious and more human? What are the emotional patterns deeply grooved in every person that can be awakened through strong-minded, conscious storytelling? What are the most up-to-date techniques for creating meaningful stories?

Vogler's masterclass takes you on a journey to discover the essential story structure outline of the 12-stage Hero's Journey, the eight major archetypes of character, strategies for deepening the audience's involvement in the story, and much more. New concepts of story design will be introduced along with classic forms. Film clips will show how themes and conflicts and the wishes of the audience interact to create a powerful dramatic experience.

Schedule, Day 1

  • The origins and essence of storytelling
  • A 12-step route of the Hero for story structure derived from myths and fairy tales
  • Adapting the route to the dramatic stories of heroes to your story (drama, comic, sentimental, adventure, action, etc.)
  • How to connect your story with the emotional centers in the body
  • How to use the engine of polarity to make your story come to life
  • How to add deeper levels to your stories and characters
  • Q&A Session

Day 2

  • How to create the powerful emotional effect of catharsis
  • Eight essential archetypes of character
  • Understanding Want: What does every character in your story want?
  • Essential elements of Conflict
  • Current story and screenwriting techniques for winning over the reader
  • How to introduce all of these elements into the narrative of your work to help the audience identify with your characters
  • Much More 
Tags: Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Web Series, Play, Novel, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western, Adaptation, Video Game