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Accredited Course: Creative Writing at Mashdots College

Classroom - Glendale
Registration ended: 01/08/2016
Class Begins: 01/13/2016   Ends: 03/08/2016
Class Time: 10:00 am - (PST)
FEE: $2000/$1995 Registration Expired

Screenwriting: Year 1


Introduction to Creative Writing
This course is designed to help students identify different genres in storytelling. Moreover, students will learn the story structure and the techniques for writing for short stories, motion pictures, television and theater. Students will also study the techniques of writing comedy and drama.


Approaches to Writing for Motion Pictures (screenwriting)
This course will cover the fundamentals of screenwriting and writing for theater through creative exercises that will explore character creation, plot development/structure, formatting, in screenplays.


Approaches Writing Comedy
This course will teach students the fundamentals of writing comedy. Through various sketches and writing exercises, students will have the opportunity to discover different genres of comedy, and to learn the basic scene structure and character development in a comedy script.


Approaches to Writing Drama
This workshop is ideal for those who want to further their career in writing drama for motion pictures, television and theater.


Mashdots College is Approved by the State of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Education as a Degree-Granting Institution of Higher Education.

Mashts College, an independent non-sectarian institution of higher education founded in 1992 in California, offers quality undergraduate education in selected fields and career-related certificate programs. Through its academic and co curricular programs, the College provides rich educational opportunities which relate to both the academic and personal development of its students.


Mashdots College has been established in honor of Saint Mesrob Mashdots, founder of the first Armenian school, inventor of the Armenian alphabet, and original translator of the Bible into Armenian. Among the aims of the College is the commitment to propagate the rich Armenian heritage through the preparation of teachers, as well as leaders for community organizations.


The basic intention of the Board of Trustees of Mashdots College is to offer quality education in the centuries old tradition of Armenian higher education. Within this tradition, the Board is dedicated to assisting faculty and administrators to facilitate the discovery, advancement and dissemination of knowledge, as well as developing good character and effective citizenship. In this perspective, the Board is committed to academic programs which meet the needs of the Armenian community in the United States. The Board has identified those needed programs as being Armenian studies, teacher education, computer education and other career-related programs.



Tags: Feature, Play, Comedy, Drama, Adaptation