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What To Write Next: Making Your Biggest Career Decision

Registration ended: 02/20/2016
Class Begins: 02/20/2016   Ends: 02/20/2016
Class Time: 10:30 am - (PST)
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The single most powerful thing in all of Hollywood is a great idea.


It's the Big Fish all the industry is hunting for. It's the best possible way for an aspiring writer to break in.

Sorry, Charlie, like the good folks at Starfish, not just any fish will do.


Hollywood doesn't want tunas with good taste.

Hollywood wants tunas that taste good!


During this teleconference you will learn to target and develop these captivating concepts that producer, former executive, and consultant, Barri Evins calls "Hooky Ideas." Discover your idea that lures in industry interest and catapults your career.

According to George Lucas, "A movie is a success or failure from the minute you solidify the concept." Wow!


Discover if your concept will succeed or fail before you type, "Fade In."


Master the concept of "Hooky Ideas."


Learn how and why a Hooky Idea immediately intrigues us.


Find out how to tell when you have a Hooky Idea.


Build your "Idea Generating Muscle" with techniques for turning on your creative brain.


Use Idea Files to create an endless supply of potential stories.

Gain ten practical tools to evaluate your ideas.


Discover how the industry perspective on the movie-going audience determines what we see in theatres.

Understand why you need to know how the business thinks, and how to apply that knowledge without selling out yourself or your passions.


Your new skills and expertise will enable you to make the single most important decision a writer will ever make - what to write next. Register now for our free course on What To Write Next and discover the real key to breaking into the industry.



A working film producer who's sold pitches and specs to all the majors, Barri Evins created Big Ideas to give aspiring screenwriters what it takes to break into the business, providing pro techniques and powerful tools to achieve their dreams through weekend intensives and consultations.


Barri began her career as a development executive for writer-producers Ray Gideon and Bruce Evans, who wrote STAND BY ME, STARMAN and MR. BROOKS. She went on to become President of Debra Hill's company, the producer of THE FISHER KING and the HALLOWEEN franchise. As a producer and an executive, Barri has sold pitches and specs to Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Fox, Nickelodeon, New Line, and HBO.


Barri began her teaching career at the UCLA Graduate Producers Program and AFI. She has taught at studios including Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, and Blizzard Entertainment. A sought after Script Consultant, Pitch Doctor, and an expert on capturing the power of storytelling, she has spoken at conferences including Great American PitchFest, Screenwriters Expo, Screenwriters World, and WyrdCon. She contributed a chapter to the book NOW WRITE: SCREENWRITING. Barri's column, Breaking and Entering, appears in A Big Ideas book is in the works.


You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter or join her newsletter here. Find out about consultations and seminars at


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