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TV MBA: Everything You Need To Know About Breaking Into

Seminar - Burbank
Registration ended: 03/05/2016
Class Begins: 03/05/2016   Ends: 03/05/2016
Class Time: 10:30 am - (PST)
FEE: $99/$94 Registration Expired

TV MBA: Everything You Need To Know About Breaking Into and Surviving the Television Business... in one day!



You've finished your spec pilot. You've polished your specs of Modern Family and The New Girl. Now all you need is to get that first job. So what's holding you back?



Whether you want to write on Game of Thrones... produce the latest season of The Voice... or sell the next Brooklyn Nine Nine... television is, first and foremost, a business.



And like all businesses, TV has specific rules and roads, paths and processes -- and these affect how projects are bought and sold, who gets hired or fired, which clients find and don't find representation, and even how shows work creatively.



Which means -- if you aim to be the next Vince Gilligan or Jenji Kohan -- you not only need to be a great writer, you need to understand how the industry works -- and how this affects your career choices. How can you score a put pilot? When you should accept an if-come? Is it worth it to be hip-pocketed? How many points should you expect from your first sale?



In other words, you need your TV M.B.A.



In TV M.B.A. course, we'll cover all the intricacies of TV's massive labyrinth, such as...

The world of networks, studios, and production companies:

  • What studios and networks look for in new shows
  • How TV shows are financed... and why this affects the creative
  • Which pod is right for your project... and how to approach them


The changing world of development and staffing:

  • The broadcasters' secret schedule for buying shows... and why it's changing
  • What makes your pitch buyable... or bogus
  • How and when to prepare for staffing
  • What showrunners consider when hiring new writers... and how to make yourself hireable


The alluring and confusing world of representation:

  • The different types of literary representation... and which is right for you
  • How agents and managers make money... and where this affects your bottom line
  • What to expect from your agent... and why many writers get frustrated
  • When to land your first agent... and when not to
  • What agents don't want you to know about representation


It can take years to learn the TV ropes on your own... or to get an MBA at an expensive college like USC or UCLA. In one day, we may not give you a fancy diploma, but we'll give you the base of knowledge you need to kickstart your career, land that first (and second!) gig, and speed down the path toward small screen superstardom!


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