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Blast Through Your Story With The Mini-Movie Method

Registration ended: 04/16/2016
Class Begins: 04/16/2016   Ends: 04/16/2016
Class Time: 10:30 am - (PDT)
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Dive in with a Million-Dollar Screenwriter who wrote and sold his first screenplay using this method. Get up close and personal with the Screenwriting Structure Style that's changing how Hollywood tells stories. When film was born, story changed forever. Movies were shot on reels, edited on reels, projected on reels, each 15 minutes long, and each a chapter building your story to an explosive climax.


Learn the "secret weapon" of tension, the only reason a reader or viewer enjoys a story or movie. Distill it to a magic formula, the "E = mc2" of movies. Learn how to apply it to your story, and then hear Chris Soth apply the magic spell to one lucky writer's idea, live on the call with that writer. Hear them workshop the logline until it becomes a full outline, a screenplay ready to write.


This is the step keeping most writers from writing, most stories from being told, most movies from being made. You don't have to ever get stuck again. Blast through the outline, get structure out of the way and GET WRITING THE STORY YOU WERE BORN TO TELL.


Everyone on the call will have the chance to claim your story consultation story consultation just like the one you'll hear live for a minimal investment, a fraction of the usual price. Take the story you're burning to tell. That one you'd "write someday" if you could "just figure it out or break it down...". We will do it in one phone call...that can change your life!


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