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ISA's Live Weekly Class & Workshop w / Max Timm

Classroom - Los Angeles
Regular Registration ends: 02/01/2017
Class Begins: 02/21/2017   Ends: 05/09/2017
Class Time: 7:00 pm - (PDT)
FEE: $499/$494 Register For Class

Register by January 31st and receive a $100 off! The class will go up to $599 on February 1! Your price before January 31st is $499. **A payment plan is available. Class begins on February 21!


The THIRD round of the ISA Craft Course Live Class & Workshop! Class begins on February 21, 2017. Space is limited. Many of the writers from the previous class interval will remain, and we can only have a maximum of 30 writers. If there is a need, we may open a second class on a different night. Currently class takes place every Tuesday night in Brentwood from 7:00 - 10:00pm.


The class, taught by veteran instructor, published author, and the ISA's Director of Community outreach, Max Timm, will meet once per week for twelve weeks and is structured so that every three months a new interval begins.


If you wish to get a sense of Max's teaching style, consider listening to his solo podcast, "The Craft" on the ISA's Curious About Screenwriting Network:


This class and workshop is for writers interested in writing a TV Pilot or Feature script every three months. Whether you're advanced or determined to become advanced, your first draft will feel like a 3rd draft by the time you're done!






- The first half of class will concentrate on a lecture and weekly lesson, and sometimes an industry guest. The latter half of the class will focus on group workshopping, feedback, support, and material review.


- Lessons and lectures will focus on breaking down the elements of story - from character conflict to creating an emotional journey for your main character through sound structure and a powerful recurring moment. We also focus your time on the writing on the page and creating the best possible scene, every scene. Each of the individual elements Max teaches will have specific exercises, assignments, and practical objectives to help build your project. With deadlines!


- The writer's aim will be to either finish a rewrite in those 12 weeks, or complete the first draft of a new project. The writer does need to have at least an idea ready to go when coming into class (yes, you can switch to a new idea half-way through if absolutely necessary).


- Your material will be evaluated and you will receive notes on the finished script at the end of the 12-week interval.


- Creative support via phone and/or email every weekend.


-The writer's project, when completed, will be considered by the ISA to be submitted to industry contacts, managers, agents, producers, etc through the ISA Development Program.


- The ISA will rent out a theatre and hold staged readings of scenes from the writers' scripts with live actors. A party will be held after the readings with food, drinks - a party!



- Enrollment Price - ($499) - if paid in full, you receive a $100 discount if you enroll by January 31 (price goes up to $599 as of February 1)


- Class Payment Plan - (3 x $175) - three monthly payments of $175.





-The class will take place on Tuesday nights from 7-10pm in West LA (just west of the 405 and south of Brentwood) at 12304 Santa Monica Blvd.


- Snacks and beverages (tea, Gatorade, etc) will be provided each class.


- Each class/group will last for three hours with a 20 minute break/intermission.


- Parking is available in the subterranean parking structore of the building at a fee, but street parking is quite accessible on Santa Monica Blvd after 6:30pm.


- Easily the cheapest weekly screenwriting class you will find. It's like paying for a monthly writing club and consultant, but the writer will actually get things done and make new friends.

Class begins in February! Set your 2017 off on the right track and join up-and-coming writers set on creating a career as a working writer. Register today! Seats will fill up quick.


Tags: Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Web Series, Play, Novel, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western, Adaptation, Video Game