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We all love to go to the movies and get transported by the magic carpet rides flashing across the silver screens. Yet if you are a writer, it is both thrilling and daunting to conjure that ride no matter how moved you are by passionate inspiration. You have an idea, or an experience or an epic that you are burning to share and it's just a matter of getting it from your heart onto the page. But actually doing that isn't so easy. Whether you've got the story mapped out in your imagination, or you are being guided by the intense mood of one moment, the actual writing of a screenplay can be challenging and lonely.


And atop all this is the looming presence of the marketplace - your script must catch the elusive interest of an agent or producer whose kneejerk reaction to almost everything is "NO."


We have worked with writers from every corner of the planet, every walk of life, at every stage of writing. No matter what their circumstance, they share the writing bug and many common struggles, such as: How does one take the crux of a premise and develop it into an actual film script with real legs? How can believable characters be made to breathe on the page? How does one manage subtext? Does the story work and if not, how can it be fixed?


The projects that move forward always have certain key common denominators and these are the areas we will be addressing in this podcast.

We have been helping writers get the very best out of their material for over 15 years. We have worked on every kind of script imaginable, in every kind of genre and form, with both pros and newcomers.

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