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Mastering The Logline with Barri Evins

Registration ended: 07/23/2016
Class Begins: 07/23/2016   Ends: 07/23/2016
Class Time: 10:30 am - (PDT)
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See "How To Submit Your Logline" below!


Writers devote months, and even years, to their scripts, rewriting, polishing, and honing. Now that you have a great script, it's time to get it out into the world. Whether it is in a query letter, for a contest or grant, at a pitchfest, or perhaps even that elusive "elevator" opportunity - the single best tool for reaching the industry is your logline. If you want to break into the business, your logline deserves the same energy, attention, and expertise that you devoted to writing your screenplay.


Ready to write the most important sentence of your career? During this teleconference, hosted by the ISA's Max Timm, with producer and consultant Barri Evins, learn to create compelling loglines from the essential elements to maximizing every word, and how to put your logline over the top in the eyes of the pros. This isn't just a logline lecture - we will take loglines from participants and rework them live. See how to make any logline stronger and a more effective selling tool, from simple but electrifying tweaks, to spit balling options, to flipping the story upside down, to a complete teardown and reworking from the ground up. See "How To Submit Your Logline" below for details on getting your logline reworked with both pro feedback and your input - live!


Most aspiring writers think of loglines only as a tool to get someone to read your script, but loglines can serve many crucial functions. Test market your story ideas. Determine if your concept has an audience. Then take your story for a test drive before you write it. Take it out for a spin to see what people think, and then using what you learn to make the story better and stronger before you sit down to even begin to outline, much less dive into writing.


Mastering Loglines Includes:

• What you must add before your logline to vastly improve your chance of both conveying your story and getting your script read.

• Learn techniques to boost the power of any logline.

• Discover the essential elements every logline must contain.

• How to start: What comes first when writing your logline?

• Find out what makes a logline truly exceptional.

• Prove you're ready to break in with professionally crafted and compelling loglines.

• Does word count count? Get the real industry scoop versus Internet rumors on logline length.

• Learn how a logline sells your story.

• Discover how to use your logline to do market research on your idea.


Get your script noticed! Master techniques that convince us you are a pro and persuade us to read your material. Your new skills and expertise will enable you to create the most powerful and impactful version of the most important sentence you will ever write.


Take your logline to the next level. Register now for this unique, interactive teleconference and have the opportunity to get your logline critiqued live! Instructor Barri Evins will provide constructive insights and together you can discuss exciting options and innovative approaches to make your logline stand out in a crowd. Even if you aren't a live participant, seeing a pro take apart a logline and work with a writer to put it back together to reflect the best in their story and become the most effective selling tool possible will train you to apply those same techniques to mastering your loglines.


HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR LOGLINE: Approximately five loglines will be selected to be included in the interactive portions of the teleconference. You will receive advice and have a chance to interact and respond to feedback.


Register for the teleconference by July 18th, then follow these instructions for your chance at a live personal logline consult.


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4) FIRST: Tell me the genre of your movie - be specific!
5) NEXT: Your logline: one sentence in length maximum.
6) REMINDER: Loglines must define the hero and the hero's conflict.
7) REMEMBER: Expect interaction and honesty!




Tags: Feature, TV Pilot, Short, Web Series, Play, Novel, Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Thriller, Western, Adaptation, Video Game