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Big Ideas Screenwriting Seminar San Fran July 25-27

Seminar - San Francisco
Registration ended: 07/10/2014
Class Begins: 07/25/2014   Ends: 07/27/2014
Class Time: 7:00 pm - (PST)
FEE: $395/$390 Registration Expired

Revolutionize the Way You Create


What’s the Big Idea?

Big Ideas is a Weekend Screenwriting Intensive created by a working producer to give aspiring writers what it takes to achieve their dreams.


Barri Evins has sold projects to all the major studios and teaches budding writers the powerful techniques she uses with highly paid pros on big league projects.


Big Ideas Makes Breaking Into The Film Business A Reality:


• Understand the Industry from The Inside

• Create Concepts that Ignite Industry Interest

• Harness Your Passions and Showcase Your Strengths

• Stop Endlessly Rewriting!  Shape and Hone Stories on a Single Page

• Confidently Pitch, Structure and Develop Ideas with Powerful New Tools

• A Year of Individual Mentorship Keeps You On Track for Success

• Limited to 10 Participants So Each Writer Thrives From Personal Attention


The Weekend

Advance Assignments take you on a journey of self-discovery, spark creativity, and give me insights into making your weekend truly transformational.


Friday Evening • Discover the BIG IDEA.  Learn the Essential Elements of all compelling stories.  Discover the power of a Hooky Idea and how to tell when you’ve got one.  Understand how the industry thinks.


Saturday Delve into what drives you as an artist and makes you strong as a writer.

I uncover the power of your personal thematic to drive stories and draw audiences.  We identify your Screenwriting Strengths as keys to your success.  Learn to pitch like a pro and to use pitching as a fast track to Story Solutions.


Saturday Evening • Fear and confusion about structure vanish.  We screen a movie: pizza, popcorn and my Structure Breakdown of the film using Industry Insider vocabulary.  Our discussion will open your eyes to the fact that all screenwriting gurus talk the same talk.  My One-Pager Template enables you to explore possibilities and solve problems on a single piece of paper so your first draft is fast and needs less rewriting.


Sunday • Target the idea to catapult your career. Pitch & hone with expert guidance.

Pitch me your top contenders and get constructive feedback.  Step out to work on your story; then get added input. Play my amazing Idea Generating Game.  By the end of our weekend, you have a Big Idea that can take you places and a roadmap for your script.  And if you have questions on your journey – you have my mentorship for a year!

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