Anatomy of Horror Master Course (Kick@$$)

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David Hohl
United States
The Kick@$$ Screenplay school is the premier on-line genre screenwriting course. The signature course is the Anatomy of Horror Master course although we also offer consulting, analysis, apprenticeships, and horror, sci-fi, and fantasy specialized courses and seminars.

Anatomy of Horror Master Course: The Ultimate on-line, at your own pace Horror Screenwriting course! Learn to master the most in-demand genre and start your career.  We dissect horror and allow our students to rise to the top. You work from the comfort of home, at your own pace, with everything delivered via the website. You also get personal feedback from a produced writer and five star rated script consultant.

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"Thanks so much for all you do. Having you around as I learn this craft and genre is very dear to me. You are worth your weight in gold. "


"As a beginner screenwriter, David's expertise on how to write a screenplay has been priceless. David's patience, perseverance, and unique ability to ask the right questions has challenged me as a writer not to settle for ordinary, but to dig deep and strive for extraordinary writing, that will capture an audience's attention. He has given me all the tools I needed to begin my journey into writing my first screenplay! I am fortunate & thankful to be working with such a gifted writer and teacher!"

“The Anatomy of Horror Master Course is the perfect screenwriting course to help would be screenwriters tackle the daunting task of writing that script that will sell. Thanks Kick @$$ for giving me the confidence and techniques to get the most out of my writing.”