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Pro Hollywood Screenwriters


Award Winning offers professional Hollywood screenwriters that have worked for top Hollywood production companies, studios (the big six Columbia, Paramount, Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal) and networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, TNT, the CW, AMC, PBS) -- we offer full story development services, listen closely to your ideas, and offer affordable screenplay ghostwriting rates.


All authorship credit and copyright is signed over to you with a ghostwriter agreement, and non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.


Do you have a great idea that's just begging to be turned into a movie Treatment? Are you the author of a manuscript or published book that you also want to adapt into a screenplay written under your name with copyright signed over to you? Do you have a Television Pilot or Reality Show Pitch you want written?


From action, to romantic comedy, to thriller, to biopic, to drama, to family/animated and more the skilled and experienced screenwriters at AWS will ghostwrite your Treatment, Feature Film Screenplay, TV Pilot or Episode, Webisode, Reality Show Pitch, etc. with a combination of great listening skills, professional screenwriting ability, and industry-grade execution and formatting all for extremely competitive rates.


You Retain All Credit

AWS screenwriters sign a Ghostwriting Agreement with you, to ensure that all writing credits and rights are signed over to you at the outset.