BOP TV Center for Media, Arts and Technology

Creating positive images of the Black community
Donna Addison Haseltine
115 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive SW
Suite 277
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
United States
The Center for Media, Arts and Technology is a development program which provides a place for prospective scriptwriters, directors and producers to create original  projects. This is in order to forward the mission of BOP TV and make positive images of Black people more available. Using a workshop model, the filmmaker goes through a comprehensive four month training program with gifted mentors. Upon completion, the project is shown on the network for  a period of 6 months to a year. Though the projected is developed at BOP TV CMAT, the filmmaker retains ownership of their project. The goal is to make the opportunity available to make a project relatively affordable and to give  the filmmaker the tools to be accountable for all aspects of the production. Equal opportunity employer, recruiter and developer.