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Nicolas Zappi
33 avenue Laplace
Arcueil, 94110
The Maison Des Scénaristes is an association of scriptwriters regulated by the French Association Law of 1901. Its goal is to restore the script to the heart of the artistic process and the financing of all films. In May of 2012, we opened the first “International Pavilion of Scriptwriters” at the Cannes Film Festival. Six contracts were signed among the fifty writers selected to come propose their projects to film producers. In 2013, we will continue to work toward the recognition of our trade and greater visibility.OUR GOALS?


  • To represent scriptwriters at international festivals.
  • To foster encounters between the “three authors” of every film: the scriptwriter, the director and the music composer, whatever their nationalities.
  • To foster encounters between scriptwriters; actors, producers, distributors and theater owners.
  • To find private investors interested in financing scripts through The Scriptwriters Pavilon.


  • To provide scriptwriters with a presence in the festivals, offering them an opportunity to promote their works, their trade and skills to professionals and the greater public.
  • To promote encounters between scriptwriters from around the world, in order to better stimulate new forms of writing and works of a more universal nature.
  • To encourage exchanges between all the players in the profession toward better understanding the mechanisms behind the making and diffusion of a film.
  • To increase sources of financing for the writing of a script to improve its quality, in particular for independant films.


“The International Scriptwriters’ Pavilion” created for the Cannes Film Festival of 2012, proved the veritable launching pad of the “Maison Des Scénaristes”, allowing us to assess the expectations and desires of all those who play a role in film production and distribution. The success of its initiative far exceeded our imagination and clearly demonstrated a real interest in a house representing and uniting scriptwriters on both a national and international level.