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Lena Banks
c/o The Plaza
4500 Woodman Ave.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
United States
(818) 585-7272

I'm a scriptwriting advisor, consultant, teacher, mentor, muse and manager with over 18 years as Hollywood's Best Kept Secret. I work with every level of scriptwriter from the very well-known to the yet-to-be-known. I also provide creative enlightenment to writers, directors and actors as The Hollywood Muse.

I'm here to help you get things DONE.

Getting a great idea to start with - DONE.

Getting your logline down - DONE.

Getting ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3 envisioned - DONE.

Getting to know your characters inside out - DONE.

Getting your first 5 lines to WOW them into wanting to read more - DONE.

Getting your first page to blow the Reader out of the water - DONE.

Getting a push to finish what you've started - DONE.

Getting a push to focus on accomplishing at least one script completely written - DONE.

Getting back to basics if you're starting over - this time with new & better basics - DONE.

Getting to your second draft completed - DONE.

Getting your rewrite or update completed - DONE.

Getting your mind aligned to free up debilitating, defeating mindsets or behavior - DONE.

Getting to your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. scripts - DONE. 

And more...

You benefit because:

  • You receive private - personal help
  • Less time wasted trying to work things out on your own
  • Access to proven scriptwriting methods
  • Access to a Hollywood Gatekeeper
  • Valuable feedback on how you are progressing and encouragement when things get a bit tough
  • Business support as you come to realize Hollywood is a business and you want IN
  • Career Coaching - Press Releases, Pro Headshots, Writer's Resume Help
  • A Hollywood Agent to represent you when you've completed a studio ready script
  • Marketing Plans to "brand" you as a scriptwriter
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions to get rid of unwanted afflictions (emotions, pain, etc.)

Whatever your need, I've got a remedy for it.  They just just showing up is the hardest part.  Feel the fear and do it any way.  


To your passion and success, Lena Banks.