Script Doctor Services by Nicholl & Emmy Winners
Will Chandler
United States

AMPAS Nicholl Screenwriting Fellow Will Chandler and Emmy-winning producer Annette Handley have been executives or consultants on feature, long-form TV & short film projects and make their more than 20 years of experience available to private clients to get their screenplays ready for the market and screenplay competitions. 


Both Annette and Will have screenwriting projects currently in development. 


Annette has also worked as a literary agent with major agencies, network executive, independent producer and screenwriting instructor at NYU, UCLA, Stony Brook University and Pepperdine.


Will has also been a story analyst for networks/studios, development executive in television longform, screenwriting workshop leader and instructor for Stony Brook University. He also created a scriptwriting program that pushes into classrooms at 18 public schools in New York. 


Together, Annette and Will have read thousands of scripts, mentored thousands of writers and helped countless writers break through to the next level of their craft.