Fan Connectivity

Ready to excite your fandom? We'll show you how.
Willow Polson
United States
What we are:

We help you build your existing fanbase and make it even bigger and better through the fostering of online fan communities, smart merchandising choices, and an organic flow between the creative forces behind your property and the fans who love it. We're a small, nimble, boutique agency that works smarter at a grassroots level. We're completely a la carte and scalable to meet your company's needs.


What we are not:

We're not a conventional PR or marketing company that uses social media as a sales megaphone. We don't build up clients from scratch, and we don't run ad campaigns. We're not a giant, expensive agency who has no problem spending all your time and money on outdated methods that don't work for your property. We're not talent agents or managers.