MKB Productions

Where entertainment starts with ministry.
Kenya Branch
United States
MKB films are lovingly designed to elevate your minds and lift your spirits.  Some cynics have said that people don’t want to see films that promote family values and Christian themes anymore.  I have written and produced films that stand on the biblical principles of loving God with all you’ve got and loving your neighbor as yourself, and I'm betting my life's savings that the cynics are wrong.

I believe that there is a quiet majority of people of all ethnic groups and races who want movies that adults and teens can watch together without either having to cringe.  There’s no rule that says films today have to be laced with profanity, gratuitous violence and illicit sex with no visible consequences.  Films can have an “edge” and be innovative without “pushing the envelope” past the boundaries of moral decency.  

While some films are made to show the depths at which humanity can descend, our films are optimistic, showing how the best in us can be empowered by faith to overcome the most difficult obstacles and challenges and inspire others to be overcomers in the process.

Most of our films consist of two or three segments.  First there’s a story that usually combines drama and humor to examine an issue relevant in today’s world. Then there are remarks by the actors about their characters in the film and/or a knowledgeable person who provides insight into the issues presented in the film along with suggested discussion topics to stimulate further discussions among the viewers.