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Carole got her start in the entertainment industry acquiring content for several cable networks, eventually leaving her last job as head of programming for The Playboy Channel, and set her sights on being an independent film producer. She soon co-produced CAPPUCCINO, a micro-budget film noir written and directed by Craig Ross, Jr., which won the IFFM Gordon Parks award. It was working on this film that steered Carole back in the direction of her first love, writing.


Over the next few years, while working in business affairs at Warner Brothers, Disney, MTV and New Line Cinema, Carole honed her craft. After being laid off at Jaffe/Braunstein films, where she worked on 9 TV movies and 2 miniseries (including THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN reboot, a coproduction with Scott Free), she started writing full-time. To date she has written 26 features, 7 pilots and 5 shorts.

In 2008, her political mockumentary A NEW TOMORROW played the festival circuit and won the audience award at the Seattle Independent Film Festival and can now be streamed on Netflix or purchased on Amazon. Soon thereafter, she signed with manager Shelly Liebowitz and entertainment attorney Richard Rosen.


In the last few years Carole has developed material with several producers: ZOMBIE & JULIET with Mark Ordesky (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) and BABY HEISTER with Daniel Ostroff (THE MISSING), and is in discussions with Vince Gerardis (GAME OF THRONES) to write for his new series, THE RIVIERA. Last year, Carole wrote the biopic THE LEGEND OF FILLMORE SLIM, which is currently out to investors, and her horror/comedy THE INVISIBLE GIRL was just optioned.


Carole's work in television includes the drama pilot LEGS, which is in development at Showtime, and the comedy DICK & HONEY, which is under consideration at HBO. She is currently developing the series RIDGEWAY, a ‘female BREAKING BAD,' about a screenwriter from California that gets sucked into a heroin epidemic in the Ozark mountains.


You can read her work on her blog That Killing Feeling, where her screenplays can be found in serialized form.


Carole has 5000 Facebook friends and another 2600 followers. She doesn't do Twitter, saying ‘I have to draw the line somewhere.'