The Sterling Firm, A Professional Law Corporation

Los Angeles Entertainment Law Firm
Justin Sterling
8560 West Sunset Boulevard
Suite 500
West Hollywood, California 90069
United States
The Sterling Firm is centrally located in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, and represents clients in the film, theatre, television, literature, music, athletic, fashion, and internet industries. In the case of a contract dispute, The Sterling Firm will represent clients in litigation.

Acquisition of Underlying Rights
Advertisement Agreements
Artist Recording Agreements
Contract Disputes
Contract Drafting
Copyright Protection
Defamation, Libel, and Slander
Distribution Agreements
Dramatic Works, Film, and Television
Freedom of Speech
Guild-based Rights
Idea Submission
Infringement Litigation
Internet and New Media Law
Invasion of Privacy
Licensing Agreements and Transactions
Literary Works
Merchandising Agreements
Misappropriation Litigation
Music and Live Performances Royalties
Production Agreements
Publishing Rights
Record Label Negotiations
Right of Publicity
Song Writing Agreements
Talent Agreements
Trademark Protection
Unfair Competition/Lanham Act 


The Sterling Firm generally handles litigation matters on a contingency fee, which means if the client does not recover an award, there will be no fee charged. The Sterling Firm represents clients who have wrongly suffered personal injury, damage, loss, or harm. All negotiations are handled aggressively and with legal action so that the client truly gets the compensation that is due.

Automobile Accidents
Breach of Contract
Business Litigation
Conversion of Personal Property
Copyright and Trademark Infringement
Defective Products
Employment Contract Claims
Fraud and Misrepresentation
Government Liability
Harm to Reputation
Injury from Wild or Dangerous Animals
Intentional Torts
Invasion of Privacy
Landlord-Tenant Litigation
Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
Premises Liability
Public Property Dangerous Condition
Slip and Fall Accidents
Ultra-hazardous Activity Injuries
Unlawful Detainer Litigation
Work-related Injuries
Wrongful Death
Wrongful Termination

The Sterling Firm is assertive in protecting its clients' constitutional rights during all phases of the criminal process. The Sterling Firm provides its clients with the best professional services and programs necessary to receive the most favorable outcome in the criminal case. Facing criminal charges is very serious and can have severe life consequences.