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FEE: $85/$80 Order Service

A second opinion is solid gold in the writing business. You may have a great concept, but are you a truly skilled writer yet? I've seen many scripts that are far too bogged down with grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and poor logic choices. These errors can really take one out of the script, especially a producer or agent, who has many other scripts to get through. I will help you by being the first to professional see your script and to look at it from an executive's point of view.


Is it well structured? Are there grammatical errors that make you seem like a bad writer, when maybe you were just over eager when you wrote it? Do the characters act on a level consistent with their personality, or do they often stray and become completely different people? Is the script full of spelling mistakes? Do the actions and events seem logical throughout? Does the script pull the reader in and hold their attention?


This is where I can help you! You'll find my fees very agreeable and flexible. So let's get started on bringing your script to the next level.


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