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FEE: $700/$670 Order Service

Our relationships with Hollywood’s key players, coupled with our advanced development skills, allow us to offer the best, up-to-date advice on how to take your project to the next level and increase its salability. For qualified clients, L.A. FOR HIRE is a gateway to the Hollywood community, providing industry access and exposure. 


We handle everything from content development and talent recruitment to project management. Equipped with our own Rolodex of industry contacts, we work with motion picture studios, production companies, agencies, directors and name talent to advance and market your projects. 



The Script Consultation Intensive is $700 ($30 off for CONNECT members!) and it includes a read-through of the script with detailed page notes that address character development, premise, plot, structure and dialogue with suggestions for improvements to make the script more sale-able.  We will then have a one-hour consultation to discuss the comments.  You would also receive a copy of the notes for your records and our review.

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