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Feature, TV Pilot
Regular Registration ends: 04/28/2017
Contest Begins: 12/13/2016   Ends: 06/13/2017
FEE: $40/$35 Enter Contest

Finish Line Script Competition

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Based on the FAQ page, it seems like the cycle of notes and consultation requires another fee every time the script consultant gives feedback. So the 'get notes as many times as you like' is more literally written 'get notes as many times as you purchase the service'. Is this correct?


And if this is correct, then how does this differ from any other consultation service outside of a competition?


I would really like the opportunity to work with a script consultant one-on-one multiple times, to see how my work can grow. However, this could quickly become financially burdensome if the fee is reapplied for every reading.


Thank you for any responses. 

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Hi Elizabeth,


Thanks for your question. Yes, you do have to pay for notes but they're at a much more reasonable rate than if you were to do it with a private consultant. It's different because as you work with the consultant, all of whom work for competitons and agencies so they're very well qualified, your script is also in the running to win the contest. The contest winner receives some pretty awesome prizes as the website shows. And if you don't win, you've at least gotten the chance to work with someone to get your script in the best shape to show to reps, enter in other contests or get it to producers.


If you want to work with a consultant who knows their stuff you have to pay for it. Honing your craft is an investment. However, most consultants will charge you over $150 or so per consultation and you have no chance of winning a competition while your working on the script. As well, most competitiions give their notes if you pay for them, after the contest has been won. We purposefully structured our competition so you could continue to work with us if you choose and increase your chances to win based on how you improve your script.


I hope that's answered things in a satisfying way for you. You can, of course, also enter your script without purchasing notes. We basically want the best script out there and if we need to help you write it, we want to, but yes, you do have to invest financially in it as you would with any consultant worth their salt.





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This does answer my question. Thank you for the prompt response.
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How soon will the notes come after submitting the script?
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