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Feature, TV Pilot, Short
Final Registration ends: 06/01/2017
Contest Begins: 06/01/2015   Ends: 06/01/2017
FEE: $65 Enter Contest
Finalists :

Of Wolves and Men- Robert O'neill (removed due to script sale)

Only A Brave Man- Jane Therese

London's Heart- David Spratt

Buenos Aires- Olga Rojer

Professor Midnight- Lynn Santer

8 Prayers For Redemption- Aden Cardy Brown

Rock 'n' Roll Mother Teresa- Stefano Jay Bozzo

Trucker Chix- Susan Anlage

Isolate- ‘vid Buttaro

Jingletown- Dale Trujillo



Table Read Winner :

Abe Lincoln, Public Enemy No. 1

Bill Walker & Brian Anthony

Gold Circle Winners :

Two Rivers- Sanjay Pintah

Merit Men- Lance Reynolds Jr.

Time Release- Adrianna Ott


Silver Lining Winners :

You and Only You (Você e somente você)- Paulo Ortiz

Georgia Running- Lee Chun

Bronze Ball Winner :

The Night of Taverna- Patricia Curlings



Lucky 7 Genre Category Winners :

Comedy- Conflicted- David DeCicco

Action Adventure- The Last Pharaoh- Laurie Ashbourne

Family- My Fairy Godmother, The Q-bit Conspiracy- Lee Tidball

Historical- Death of a Mortal Woman- Persephone Vandegrift

Suspense Thriller/Horror- Carjack- Bill Mesce Jr

Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Antarctica- Marin Mandir

Drama- Cooper's Promise- Timothy Jay Smith



Television Pilot Winner :

The Real Paul Hoffman- Anita North



The Hot 100 Winners

Compiled from this competition, a list sent to buyers and financiers around the world of the one-hundred most interesting scripts and their corresponding loglines, writer names and direct email contact.



1 The Importance of Being Randy Edwin Heaven

2 Saigon Millions Peter J Baldwin

3 The Grey Wolf Michelle Daniel

4 Meet Cute Matt McNevin

5 Quest for Light - Adventure of the Magi Byron Anderson

6 Still in the Game George R Flowers

7 Finding Jane Virginia Shaffer

8 The Free Danny Hadi Hajizadeh

9 The Cossack Ronald McQueen

10 The Passerby TG Minh Thanh

11 Mill Town Brett Higginson

12 The Lowrie Gang Andy Froemke

13 Moon With an R Barbara Morris

14 Purgatory Craig Charter

15 Fifth Columnist Richard Duryea

16 Yellow Touch Red Lauren Hoekstra

17 WERTZ David DeCicco

18 SAMSON Shawn Hoffman

19 Grace Lynda Lemberg Jeffrey Allen Russel

20 Dreamwalkers: Awakening Michelle Daniel

21 Lost Fare Rachel Reaugh

22 The Do Over Marina Loos


24 Broken Molars Siddharth Pandey

25 Sophie & Valentina Lucy Luna

26 The Departure Eric Fisher

27 (UN)LOCKED Emma Mussoll

28 Lightning and Fire Serita Stevens

29 The Great One: The Legend of Roberto Clemente Carlos Joseph

30 Hidden Shiva Ramanathan

31 The Big Idea David J Schroeder

32 The 5 Gregg McBride

33 The Wingmen of Roque Bluff Joshua Provonchee

34 SPACE John Stobaugh

35 The Prince of North Beach Tom Giuliano

36 Cornelius and Willow Melissa L White

37 Reflection Sam Khinn

38 The Lion's Storyteller Kate Dent

39 Spooner-for-Hire Ourdia Hodge

40 School Number One Jordan Dale

41 Lethal Level Darren Yeboah

42 Bewitched Eva Nelson

43 Throne: The Resurrection of Osiris Jeffrey Marks

44 The Tribute Mike Reid

45 Fair Play Michael Pica

46 Shadow of the Mountain Lauren Byrnes

47 Lake Of Fire Mike Smith


49 Medal of Honor Duke Mulligan

50 The Flight of Souls Guy Quigley

51 Loose Change Alex Brooks

52 Sparrow on the Roof Craig Lynn CLyde

53 BOTTOM TIME Paul Murdock


55 RED HATS Michael Toay

56 Mr. The Fastest Anton du Preez

57 Father Rennie Bonnie Eaton

58 The Waking Hours Sidney Clay

59 The Carolina Storyteller Marcia Chandler Rhea, Margaret Ford Rogers

60 Rage n' Redemption Phil Faicco

61 Crazed Diversion Federico Vicino

62 Kingdom of Men T Olsen

63 GOLDEN STATE Erik Moxcey

64 Beginnings and Bobby Sean Coe

65 Moon Walkers Elizabeth Appell


67 7th SON William Maurer

68 rob-the whino Kevin Henderson

69 Chase The Roses Jim Duncanson

70 Dream Vacay Edward Leech

71 Stem of Evil Neva Sanders-Dewey, Ph.D.

72 Break Even Calvin Smith

73 JPEG Greg OBraonain

74 Decked Brent Hartinger

75 Heidi Bill Hanan

76 The Interrogation of Ike Tully Philip C Sedgwick

77 The 49th Day Craig Peters

78 The Last Indian War Michael Graf

79 Infinity Chris Bonneau

80 Wink for Me Nattalia Lea

81 The LAST DYNASTY Tamuel A Dorsey Jr

82 Beyond The Great Wall Landy Patricia Aguilar

83 The Fundraiser Russell Nelson

84 Julie 2.0 Dwayne Conyers

85 I Want A Man Sylvia W Allen

86 Parental Betrayal Shirley V Morgan

87 The Departure Eric Fisher

88 The Green Light Graeme Black

89 The C.O. Bob Messinger

90 The Cult Joseph A Weiss

91 Red Crucible Ira Altman


93 MAJOR PLAYERS A Demetrius Glenn

94 A CLOUD Roger Delmont

95 Fin Chaser Maria Cozzi

96 Corrupciòn Clark D Schaefer

97 North 40 Timothy Jay Smith

98 Mean of Life Bruce Golde

99 Bad Guys Wear White Gena Barnett

100 A Vision of Angels Timothy Jay Smith

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