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Feature, TV Pilot, Web Series
Early Registration ends: 04/18/2017
Contest Begins: 03/09/2017   Ends: 06/28/2017
FEE: $45/$40 Enter Contest

Enhance Your Chances for Winning in your Screenwriting Career with Professional Script Analysis.

Our goal is to empower you to take your screenplay to the next level. Even contest winning screenplays, because they've won based on a curve, still need that extra oomph to be industry ready. If producers, agents, managers or even contests are not getting excited by your work, who are you writing for?


Our consultants are experienced in a range of screenwriting, producing and literary management and wish to help you improve your work based on their knowledge of the industry. Please keep in mind that some of what you receive you may not agree with. Take the time to absorb the analysis objectively; it comes to you with the most genuine intent!



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Everything relies directly on the first 20 pages of your screenplay. Receive catered notes on what will get those producers or their readers hooked in from the beginning. 


Receive a detailed personalized critique on the next steps in your script development process.


Receive extensive notes, with suggestions on how to improve overall writing, story, structure, characters, pacing, stakes, climax and resolution, specific problem scenes, tone and overall commercial appeal.


Add General Analysis or Extended Analysis when you enter.

2015 Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition Participating Writer:


"I just wanted to let you know that I have entered numerous contests over the last 3 years with this script and I am thrilled with this feedback. Usually coverage from contests means vague book reports, but the coverage I received makes it clear what needs to be done to improve the script. I can't thank Emerging Screenwriters enough!"

~ Sam Lunay


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