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Feature, TV Pilot, Web Series
Early Registration ends: 04/18/2017
Contest Begins: 03/09/2017   Ends: 06/28/2017
FEE: $45/$40 Enter Contest

Do you accept entries via snail mail?
No. In an attempt to be green, we're not accepting hard copies via the postal service. We're accepting online entries and online payments via Paypal only. This includes all major credit cards.


Do I have to enter my script as a PDF?
Yes. We only accept scripts in PDF format.


Should I include my title page with my screenplay?

Yes, you should include your title, author(s) name, telephone number and email address.


Can I submit a screenplay under a pen name?


Does my script have to be registered?
No, but we DO recommend registering your work with the ISA Registry, WGA and/or the Library of Congress Copyright office.


Does the writer maintain rights to the screenplay?
Yes, always!


When will I receive my analysis?
Your analysis will be emailed to you within 90 days of submitting your script.


Can I re-enter a rewrite or corrected versions of my script if I haven't ordered analysis?
Yes, you may re-enter your screenplay for the price of the current deadline fee. NOTE: If you purchase our General or Extended Analysis for your screenplay you may re-enter that screenplay for FREE, ONCE before June 1st.


What if I make a mistake and send the wrong script?
If you make a legitimate mistake entering and recognize this within 24 hours, email us here, and we'll send you instructions on replacing your screenplay:


How do I re-enter my rewrite?
If you have received Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Analysis during the 2017 competition season and have revised your screenplay, please request a special link to re-enter by emailing


If you have NOT received Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Analysis during the 2017 competition season: You may resubmit via the regular entry form.


Do I need to submit a logline? Synopsis?
Logline: YES / Synopsis: NO


Do you accept short screenplays?
No, not at this time.


Will my screenplay be accepted if it's not in the traditional format?
Scripts should be written in standard spec screenplay or teleplay format, set in 12-point Courier font. Scripts should be standard length. While your entry will not be disqualified if it is longer or shorter than these specified page counts, for your own benefit we recommend that you adhere to the page length guidelines.


What's the minimum/maximum required page length?
Features: 80 - 120 pages. TV Pilots/Web Series: Up to 70 pages.


My screenplay is longer than 120 pages. Will it be disqualified?
No, but we urge you to stay within the guidelines. It's rare that a good screenplay requires more than the standard number of pages.


If I'm over 120 pages and receiving analysis, will my full script be read?
We are forgiving with a 5-page grace, however if you are at 6 or more pages over the maximum, you will be charged $1 for each page over 120 pages. You will be emailed to discuss and billed separately, or you are welcome to just have your analysis done on the first 120 pages of your screenplay at the normal prices.


What genres do you accept, and can I enter in more than one?
We accept all genres. We understand scripts can be categorized in many genres. Please pick from the genre below that best reflects your screenplay. You are welcome to enter in more than one genre, but another entry fee is required. Action/Adventure, Thriller Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Family, Historical, and Horror


Do you accept novels, short stories, stage plays, treatments or synopses, reality show concepts, musicals, documentaries, or spec scripts for existing TV series?
No, we're sorry; we do not. We accept ORIGINAL narrative feature length screenplays and TV pilots / Web Series only.


Can I submit an adaptation of a book or play?
Absolutely, as long as you have full rights to the material and either are the author or have a written agreement with the author allowing this script to be written and marketed.


Can I submit more than one screenplay?
You may!


If I enter my screenplay in more than one category, do I get a discount?
You can enter your screenplay in as many categories as you like. If you submit through the Emerging Screenwriters website you will receive $20 off each additional screenplay after the first when you submit 3 together.


Will entering early increase or decrease my chance of winning?
Entering early will neither increase nor decrease your chance of winning, but it will save you money!


How will I know if you received my script?
You will receive an email confirming your entry immediately upon submitting. If you do not, please email us here:


What if my script is optioned or sold after I enter the competition?
As long as your script was not optioned or sold on or prior to the date you submitted it to the competition, you are still eligible for an award.


I don't live in the United States. Can I still enter the competition?
You sure can, and we look forward to reading your work. Please just make sure it's in English. No other languages are accepted at this time.


Does Paypal accept currencies other than the American Dollar?
Yes! Paypal is set up to exchange most currencies into the American Dollar. Please visit if you have any concerns.


Any other questions feel free to email us here:

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