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Feature, TV Pilot, Short
Final Registration ends: 04/15/2017
Contest Begins: 01/14/2017   Ends: 04/15/2017
FEE: $49/$44 Enter Contest

What is considered a "Diverse Voice"?


The contest is looking to encourage and promote either:

1.) Writers who have been shown to be under-represented by the WGA diversity report: minority writers, women writers, and writers over 40. 
2.) Stories starring characters that are generally untold because of the misconception that they don't perform well: minorities, women (especially in traditionally "male" roles), women over 40, LGBTQ members, senior citizens, faith-driven characters, or any stories that don't appear on the normal studio slate.

If a script or writer hits either of these two categories, they qualify. We will consider all scripts and stories, but once the finalists are announced, those who have made it to that level will be asked to answer: "How does your voice, experience, characters, or story represent a new and diverse perspective for Hollywood?" As long as that question can be answered in a way that fits in one of the above categories, the script will be considered to win the Grand Prize. 


Please e-mail with any other questions. We'll be happy to answer within 24 hours.

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