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Feature, TV Pilot, Web Series
Early Registration ends: 04/18/2017
Contest Begins: 03/09/2017   Ends: 06/28/2017
FEE: $45/$40 Enter Contest

Success stories

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Jason Kessler's TV Pilot wins Honorable Mention in Emerging Screenwriters Jason Kessler's TV Pilot won Honorable Mention (Top 15) in the Emerging Screenwriters 2014 Screenwriting Competition. "Likes & Follows" is a workplace comedy that follows a quirky group at a startup social media agency. Jason Kessler's other awards include 1st place at the 2014 Las Vegas Film Festival for a feature length comedy, and a Top 10 Finalist in the 2013 Finaldraft Inc. Big Break Contest. 
Diarra McCormick Takes 9th Place Diarra McCormick entered her first contest, the 2012 Emerging Screenwriter's Competition and won ninth place. McCormick's original tv pilot called "Homebound" was written in graduate school while studying Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University. The pilot is based on her experience with Hurricane Katrina. McCormick was hesitant to submit the entry because the subject matter seemed outdated, but the judges recognized great talent and awarded McCormick the ninth slot. This is only the beginning for McCormick and she's fired up to do great things!  
Lorraine Flett - Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters 2012 Lorraine Flett - Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters 2012
The Big Chew by Leah Mann was in the Top 100 in The Emerging Screenwriters

Leah's film noir screenplay "The Big Chew" was a top 100 finalist in the Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition.

Yvonne Paulin in the top 100 of the Emerging Screenwriters Competition THE TRAIL by Yvonne Paulin placed in the top 100 of the 2012 Emerging Screenwriters Competition. 
Lincoln's Timeless Love by Millie Raphael in Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters Lincoln's Timeless Love combines the most compelling elements of Young Mister Lincoln and Somewhere in Time.
The screenplay is based on the story of young Abraham Lincoln and the love of his life: Ann Rutledge.  It is told through the eyes of a modern day, coming-of-age woman studying History in Washington, D.C.   

“It is well-written, impeccably researched, and quite moving. There are strong, complex roles for actors.  Most importantly, it’s heartfelt and full of passion for the story, the characters and their poetry.” 
~ Academy Award winning Director's critique

Absolute Rubbish - top 100 of Emerging Screenwriters - Helen Rose Roberts The family feature Absolute Rubbish placed in the top 100 in this years Emerging Screenplay competition. Helen Rose Roberts is thrilled to announce. 
Breach of Trust by Laurel Pardo Top 100 Finalist of Emerging Screenwriter's Competition with BREACH OF TRUST
Blake Bailey's KBL (Kill Bin Laden) Top 100 KBL (Kill Bin Laden) a farcical tale of the insanites of Afghanistan places top 100 in Emerging Screenwriters 2012, and Semi-Finalist in Fresh Voices for 2012.
Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition - TOP 100 FINALISTS Nigh by Stefano Lazzati & Luca Vassalini was placed in the Top 100 Finalists for the year 2012.
Rick Markus' Chicago Nine-Eleven - finalist in multiple contests Chicago Nine-Eleven placed Top 100 in Emerging Screenwriters, was a Table Read My Screenplay 2012 Semi-finalist and a Scriptapalooza 2012 Quarter-finalist.
John Mawson - Emerging Screenwriter Finalist John Mawson was an Emerging Screenwriter Finalist for his World War 2 True story drama "The San Demetrio". It was also in the Nicholl Fellowship 2012 Top 20%.
Deborah Vajda's THE BECKONING BUSH - Finalist 2012 Emerging Screenwriters

THE BECKONING BUSH, a full-length screenplay by Deborah Vajda, is a Top 100 Finalist in the 2012 Emerging Screenwriters Competition.

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