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Feature, TV Pilot, Short
Registration ended: 05/21/2015
Contest Begins: 03/14/2015   Ends: 07/13/2015
FEE: $70/$65 Registration Expired

FAST & FURIOUS Producers Option TRMS Winning Script as a direct result of contest win!



TRMS London Grand Prize Winning script THE WHEELMAN by Derek Asaff was optioned by Original Film (22 Jump Street, Furious 7, Goosebumps) and Executive Producers Tania Landau and Neil H Moritz. The script is currently in development and Derek has been hired to do a rewrite.


Derek's win with TRMS led him to a manager which led him to this success story. And we're proud say we had a part in it and will continue to be involved in his journey!



Plus you'll spend four days in Hollywood, California and take your first big step towards breaking in. And you'll have a CASH prize of $2,500.00!


While you're in Hollywood,

Observe an established director working with actors on your script, and enjoy networking events near the historic Sunset Strip and attend STORY EXPO!

Table Read My Screenplay (TRMS) was developed to allow you, the screenwriter, the opportunity to both improve your work and advance your career. Most writers never get the chance to have a table read of their screenplays, let alone have it done by professional actors.


And we don't stop there. Our goal is to get you signed by an agent or manager or help you sell your work. We'll take you under our wing and guide your career. We're looking for talent we can develop, just after we have some fun doing a table read for you in Hollywood!


With over 50,000 screenplays per year registered with the Writers Guild of America, you've got to make sure yours is as good as it can be if you want to get it produced! One of the best ways to improve scripted dialogue and the rhythm of your scenes is to have it read aloud by professional actors. You'll discover what works and what needs improving in a whole new light, and we promise it will be the time of your life! 


You will be flown to Hollywood to have your screenplay workshopped by an acclaimed director & table read by professional actors. You'll also attend film events & network with Industry Pros, all in walking distance of historic Hollywood Blvd & the Sunset Strip. Once a winner, TRMS Staff will champion your scripts to top industry players! We've already helped numerous writers open new doors. Now it's your turn!


  • Fast & Furious Producers Option THE WHEELMAN by Derek Asaff our 2014 London Grand Prize Winner!
  • Derek Asaff signs with Gotham Group Management as a result of his win!
  • 2014 Winning Pilot, Dazzleland by Amy Amani, gets picked up by Mozark Films!
  • Top 100 Finalist Helise Flickstein's screenplay, Bogie and Bacall, is produced by Knight Quest Entertainment!
  • and many more!!


Feature - GRAND PRIZE WINNERS - 07/01/2015
Feature - TOP 100 - 06/15/2015

TV Pilot - GRAND PRIZE WINNERS - 07/01/2015
TV Pilot - TOP 100 - 06/15/2015

Short - GRAND PRIZE WINNERS - 07/01/2015
Short - TOP 100 - 06/15/2015


Feature [70-120 pages]
- Action/Adventure - Animation/Fantasy - Comedy - Drama - Historical - Horror - Science Fiction - Thriller

TV Pilot [10-70 pages]
- Action/Adventure - Animation/Fantasy - Comedy - Drama - Historical - Horror - Science Fiction - Thriller

Short [1-40 pages]
- Action/Adventure - Animation/Fantasy - Comedy - Drama - Historical - Horror - Science Fiction - Thriller

Languages: English
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