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Feature, TV Pilot, Short
Registration ended: 11/30/2014
Contest Begins: 03/15/2014   Ends: 11/30/2014
FEE: $55/$50 Registration Expired

Welcome to the Courier Screenwriting Awards! Our mission is to discover new screenwriting talent and emerging screenwriters. The Courier Screenwriting Awards is a green and paperless competition, accepting online submissions. We invite you to enter the 2014 Courier Screenwriting Awards competition!



Feature Film Screenplays (90-130 pages)

Live-action and animated feature scripts of all genres.


Original Television Pilots (25-65 pages)

Pilot episodes for an original drama or comedy series.


Short Film Screenplays (under 30 pages)

Live-action and animated short scripts of all genres.

Coverage Service


Coverage is a comprehensive assessment of your screenplay, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your story and screenplay. It will provide a detailed examination of story structure, character development, and formatting issues. The coverage will offer suggestions and ideas designed to help you further develop the material. Coverage Service may be purchased at the time of submission.


Coverage Pricing:

Feature Film Screenplays

Express Return: $195

Regular Return: $125


Original Television Pilots

Express Return: $115

Regular Return: $75


Short Film Screenplays

Express Return: $40

Regular Return: $25

Express Return - Coverage will be returned within 10 business days after submission.
Regular Return - Coverage will be returned within 30 business days after submission. 


Feature - Finalists - 02/15/2015
Feature - Quarter-finalists - 12/15/2014
Feature - Semi-finalists - 01/15/2015
Feature - Winners - 03/15/2015

TV Pilot - Finalists - 02/15/2015
TV Pilot - Quarter-finalists - 12/15/2014
TV Pilot - Semi-finalists - 01/15/2015
TV Pilot - Winners - 03/15/2015

Short - Finalists - 02/15/2015
Short - Quarter-finalists - 12/15/2014
Short - Semi-finalists - 01/15/2015
Short - Winners - 03/15/2015


Feature [90-130 pages]
- All Genres

TV Pilot [25-65 pages]
- All Genres

Short [1-30 pages]
- All Genres

Languages: English
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