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Feature, TV Pilot, Short
Final Registration ends: 06/01/2017
Contest Begins: 06/01/2015   Ends: 06/01/2017
FEE: $65 Enter Contest

My thanks for creating the Capital Fund Screenplay Competition and giving us writers a way to get our work directly into the hands of those who love movies and also have the means to fund them. I feel this is one of the best run and most significant of any of the newer screenwriting competitions that have come along in recent years.                                                                      Lee Tidball, IMDB




The Capital Fund Screenplay Competition is where your scripts are read directly by investors who buy projects and fund films at the studio level - domestically and abroad.

While The Capital Fund Screenplay Competition does offer money, prestige, and the possibility of industry exposure, the sole object is to get your movie made and make investors happy.

About the Contest:

The contest came about for a simple reason: writers want to sell their scripts, and buyers who cut the check are the hardest people to get in front of - period. While taking pitches at Cannes from writers around the world and then in Los Angeles at the 2014 Great American Pitchfest for a new film fund, writers commented to us that they were thrilled to be pitching to the actual money people, rather than agents, managers and producers.

Often the biggest challenge for a writer is to get a script in front of the people who have the cash to buy it. All too often, scripts get passed through managers or agents, producers, actors, etc. - all of whom must, in turn, pitch to the financiers that actually fund the major studio and independent films. So, with the encouragement of writers actually pitching to us on the other side of the table, this "contest" was born. One Pitchfest attendee added, "Writers would sell their kidneys for a chance to enter a contest like that." Well, keep your kidneys, but show us the absolute best script you have. This contest is looking for exceptional, entertaining scripts in any genre that appeal to a worldwide audience.

The Buyers:

Your projects are reviewed by financiers from around the world, international in scope and partnered with distributors and studios that have brought films like Frozen, X-Men, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to the market. The people who see your scripts are representatives of Private Equity (wealthy individuals, families, or entities with pooled funds) or Film Funds (pools of money from pension funds, insurance funds, Wall Street, etc., dedicated to financing films at the studio level). If these buyers like your script, they have the means to option it, buy it, and finance it.

Professional Industry Coverage

Script coverage is available at time of entry for an additional fee of $90 USD, check box on entry form. If you would like coverage before you enter the competition, (sample on website here) please use the secure order form on website.

*Coverage is anonymous and does not reflect contest or investor opinion. Potential buyers and judges do not see this coverage.


Important Date:

7/1/16 - Winners Announced 


Feature - - 07/01/2015
Feature - Year Two Winners - 07/01/2016

TV Pilot - - 07/01/2015
TV Pilot - Year Two Winners - 07/01/2016

Short - - 07/01/2015
Short - Year Two Winners - 07/01/2016


Feature [80-150 pages]
- All Genres

TV Pilot [22-63 pages]
- All Genres

Short [1-49 pages]
- All Genres

Languages: English
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